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Lemon tastes self.

15 May


A kinder, gentler G-Bread……

27 Dec


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“Mama? We are putting pills on the gingerbread guys?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“These red stool softener things”

*head*desk* (they were cinnamon candies NOT colace!)

Whoop…Uh oh.

5 Mar


Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

We are very silly people. My kid wore out his whoopee cushion. Although, because of his sensory stuff he does tend to drop it to the ground, put his hands over his ears and then jump on it….

Now he won’t sneak up behind me while I’m handling hot metal and scare the pants off of me.

Whoopee indeed!

ps. here’s a tidbit from Wikipedia’s entry for Blowing A Raspberry: “The term “Bronx Cheer” is used ironically because it is not a cheer, it is used to show disapproval. The term originated as a reference the sound used by some spectators in Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx, New York City.

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I can hear the ocean!

1 Mar

I can hear the ocean!

Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

Kiddo and I were looking through my vast digital photo library last night and found this gem…. (note: I don’t know who the owner of the rear end is…this was at the water feature at the wonderful Lakes Regional Park in Fort Myers)

Inspiration is everywhere

17 Jan

Even in the joy of a new style of underpants…. This is boy’s response to boxer shorts (he was previously a boxer-briefs, underoos sort of a guy before this)….


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