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I can hear the ocean!

1 Mar

I can hear the ocean!

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Kiddo and I were looking through my vast digital photo library last night and found this gem…. (note: I don’t know who the owner of the rear end is…this was at the water feature at the wonderful Lakes Regional Park in Fort Myers)

Inspiration is everywhere

17 Jan

Even in the joy of a new style of underpants…. This is boy’s response to boxer shorts (he was previously a boxer-briefs, underoos sort of a guy before this)….


Boots for Alex

26 Aug

Our PC is on it’s way out (I’m typing this on my mac, as if the PC will know if I talk about it and will get even more stubborn!) …. So I’m transferring everything to our other drive and hopefully adding another mac in the near future….(my mac also runs windows XP for my animas insulin pump software…woohoo!)

Anyway, in the midst of cleaning out I found this little movie…No sound but so cute… I can’t believe how much he has grown!  This one is almost 3 years old…Alex was a little over 2 and we had just moved in…


26 Mar


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The mind of a child….

11 Nov

Card for my dad

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When I was 5 or 6… My mom told me to make him a card and I should draw something that he likes….

and this is what I gave my dad (who was a little mortified)…

(my parents were very casual about nudity in our house and until I gave my dad this card there was a stack of playboy and penthouse in their bathroom…)

The part that really gets me is that it didn’t occur to me that this was an inappropriate picture for a kid my age to draw, especially for their dad, but that it did cross my mind to put a headband to visually explain how the bunny ears were held on…

Ok- so this one is a little goofy. Wait until you see my very surreal “holiday” card from the same year (I covered a couple of holiday traditions with a surprise ending)… Oh yes, it is coming soon to a blog near you…

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