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International Ataxia Awareness Day

25 Sep

Today is International Ataxia Awareness Day.

Never heard of Ataxia? I had never heard of it either, until I met Auntie Patti.

Ataxia is a slow moving and unstoppable thief.

As a bystander, you feel powerless.

We aren’t totally powerless.

Please take 5 minutes today to read up here:

Ataxia Fact Sheet

Wikipedia’s easily digestible info on Ataxia is here:

Sadly and tragically, Auntie Patti passed away a week ago today. To promote and assist further research please consider a donation to the National Ataxia Foundation are appreciated – if you would like to make a donation of any size you may do so here

(if you do donate please select “research giving” and “sporadic ataxia” in the drop down menu… Please consider donating in memory of Patricia Benyo. Thank you.)



A Twister!

17 Sep

more rainbow and tornado….

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Since our “faux”-nado I’ve been a little on edge… I pace the floors like a nervous dog from one end of the apartment to the other checking the sky. We are lucky, at least in the way of having a bird’s eye view, that we can see all of Cape Coral, the river, and Ft. Myers out of one window and toward Pine Island and the Gulf of Mexico from the other…Being a little higher up I think I tend to bite my nails a bit more as everything looks so magnified in intensity…

Well, yesterday we had the real thing.

It was around a mile away from us and there were at least 2 funnels that I could see at one point…And there was a rainbow.

It was beautiful and scary all at once…

The twister threw whirls of sparkling fairy dust where it touched the ground. We now know that the sparkles were window glass.

So far reports are that around 49 houses were damaged, a bunch of cars (it was strong enough to flip a car and move it down the street) were smashed but no fatalities.

Except for perhaps some underwear.

It’s weird though- I didn’t even know that there was a warning in effect when I heard thunder that just hit me in the chest in a primal way, I guess. I logged on to our local weather resource and didn’t see anything… I opened the front door and voila: a tornado. There are more images on Flickr (there should be a box to your right, you can click there if you’d like… or google “Cape Coral Tornado” a few of the news stations have aftermath photos up…That particular block was hit hard by a tornado during Hurricane Charley, from what I am hearing, and the residents say Charley didn’t do this much damage…It’s mind blowing how pinpoint these things can be though…

Hope everyone is safe…..I hope everyone is healthy….



ps. While we were out and about and then waiting patiently for comcast to get our internet up and running again (funny that it was on right after the tornado and then went down. Ugh. Just when I needed it. Comcast logic…*shakes head* ) guess what? My Eye of The Storm pendant (inspired by the experience of the faux-nado a couple of months ago) sold! Yay! And to a sweetheart of a person who had been watching it for awhile and then had to jump on it… Perfect timing! :-)


nine eleven

11 Sep

It has been 6 years and I finally feel, this morning, like sitting down and writing about it.

But I can’t.

This morning:

Alex is home from school again.

Alex needs help on the potty.

I’m hunting up my xrays for a doc appointment.

The phone is ringing.

The tumbler is busted again so I’m hunting up a large rubberband to jerryrig a fix so I can finish these three pieces

My mom is calling to confirm pick-up time

I have paperwork to fill out for our esteemed government

I think Alex has a fever

The electric company called because I forgot to pay the bill last month

Alex is now crying at me that he needs a fish tank with a fan. Seriously. He’s way too worked up about this fish tank idea.

We are having Alex evaluated, at the request of his school, by an Occupational Therapist and I have to dig through the files for the paperwork from his last OT back in Boston.

Minor stuff, in whatever the grand scheme of things may be…

but it reminds me that the world keeps turning.

And it keeps me from focusing enough to write a deep and meaningful post this morning.

A new friend told me of a personal tragedy this week and said (about her experience) that life goes on. That there is a new normal. That’s what we have been in since 9/11. The new normal. And for some of us, like my little guy born in 2003, this isn’t new at all, it’s all there has ever been.

Going to go hug my kid and jack him up on Pedialyte.

Hugs all around.



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