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Be Clever: Give Handmade!

25 Nov

As a rule, I avoid malls and busy stores and I aim toward buying, making, and giving handmade goods as there are some amazing artisans out there who infuse quality handiwork with unique design and receiving these treasures just makes a person feel extra special, rather than just feeling like a check box on a list.

So avoid cookiecutter gifts this year… Well, unless they are actual cookie cutters (I just scored a gnome shaped one! I’m going to make gingerbread gnomes this year with Alex!)… And you can find plenty of handmade, unique cookie cutters that blow the socks off the typical shapes.



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Anatomy Of An Autistic Speaking Out

1 Nov

I am working on something for Autistics Speak Day, but this caught my eye… Brilliant writing.  I think Julia Charlotte really nails how it feels to be caught between two worlds.

Anatomy Of An Autistic.

(Julia Charlotte’s piece is available on Facebook)

Excellent post by Ari Ne’eman on CommunicationShutdown and Autistics Speak Day can be found here

Sandy from wrote this fantastic piece: Press Pound For More Options

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