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I hope…

7 Nov


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…You are having a good day..
…this picture makes you smile even just a little, even if it’s so slight even an expert in human facial expressions wouldn’t be able to detect it. I mean, I hope you smile bigger than that today, but even the seed of a smile is a start, yes?



Tiny Drawings

6 Nov

Originally uploaded by The Happy Aspie

Alex hands me his completed homework & announces “I like to draw a picture with my name. I draw a different one everyday. Today, I made a square wave, sawtooth wave, triangle wave, and a sine wave.”


These things are tangible and for him, they come easier than multiplying single digits.

He also vocalizes the different sounds which correspond to the various waveforms.

I’m officially lost but not as far lost as when my last math teacher attempted explaining the concepts to me ad nauseam. I get it more now.  Maybe. 

Thankfully, this kid has great patience for his Mama, when it comes to sharing what he has learned thus far.


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