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Witness Cafe Sarasota, Florida

27 Jun
Here is their most recent information:
Witness Cafe
Lounge- Dance Bar-Patio
5100 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34234
(941) 351-4949 phone
(941) 355-9819 Fax
We have been receiving a few calls a week for the past 3 years from folks looking for Witness Cafe… THIS is their phone number… If you try to reach them at any other phone number found on the web you will probably get a very cranky redhaired lady on the phone who really values her sleep and above that values her kid’s sleep….
Thanks folks…
I’m going to go find that sleep that I value so much….

The Art….

26 Jun

The book….

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222 pages of my work…

222 pages of bright and candy colored macro shots….

I did this as a reminder of how far I have come and also as a gift for my dad to share with him how far I have come in the past year…

I this because on the really hard days when it seems like nobody is making progress anywhere I can look at this and say holy crap, this is where I spent the last year….

Feels good. Off to work on the subjects for volume 2.


26 Jun

Lots of changes happening in our little world right now…

thankfully baldguy has been asked to stay at his job for a couple more weeks to help transition one of the clients so that worry can get pushed away for more immediate concerns and changes…

Boy just does not transition well…The kid needs consistency…Yesterday I found out his teacher had been let go.  The two aides/teachers who work in his classroom are wonderful, but they are very different.  Over the past year I have been able to tell when his head teacher was out for the day by his behavior and attitude at home afterwards.  Transitions like this set him back so far.  We try to prepare and help him, but in this case he was told his beloved teacher was out on vacation last week… and Boy is home sick so far this week so I don’t even know if they have left a note in our box.   So there was no warning…No ability to help him transition by saying “see you later”… This could set him back months.  Gahhhhhhhh!

and he’s sick.  Kid on cough syrup (and they did not have any dye free cough syrup at walgreens yesterday) with a hefty dose of red dye #40.  No wonder my hair is falling out in handfulls this week.  He is crazed.  He is the kind of crazed that you see on Cops and zombie movies- hyper and lashing out, mumbling incoherently, shouting nonsense, utterly pantsless.   We see his ADHD most of the time and we have adjusted and it is only some of the time that he doesn’t self-sooth these days, but this week has been like living with an angry, illogical, drug addled strung out little man.  He is usually our family safety officer.  He will often request backup if I am plugging something in (because you always need to have a grown up buddy when doing things like that) and has frequently declared that plugging anything in must wait until daddy gets home… Yesterday, in his whirlwind he plugged the radio in by himself (during a huge thunderstorm)…This morning he found the one roll of film in our home and unwound it completely…I may completely lose my last marble in the coming weeks…

Anyway. Just home with boy trying to keep him out of trouble.  His ADHD in this sick and cough syrup addled state and my ADD (completely and utterly without the H) are extremely incompatible and frustration runs deep in both of us.

Ok. Enough of my babble. He is “watching” a CD on my TV.  He likes to watch the numbers count down.

I need to check my to do list and make sure I’m knocking things out….

In the next week or so I will be blogging about some new tools we are and will be implementing into our home to help with our rampant attention deficit issue (all three of us have it…) …

Speaking of which…Boy just hollered at me that we need to dance.

Ok. I’ll be back.




20 Jun


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Finally, it has happened.
We are getting a sidewalk.

Sidewalks in this area are sporadic at best. It depends when the structure was built and what rules were on the books…

Except for a few main roads (in this case I mean roads with traffic lights as our road is a whole lot more “main” than the other roads that come off of it) the only sidewalks you see are 20 feet or so in front of a random house- not connected to any other sidewalk….Not forming a walkable length of more than 20 feet. Just 20 feet, at most, and then nothing for miles…

We have corners that are “sidewalked”, complete with the pedestrian images and the walk/don’t walk lights… But they are the only sidewalk around for miles, or until the random house that has the 20 feet… None of them were connected. I cringe every morning when I see kids walking to one of the many schools in the immediate area. They are walking on the actual road…Cars, trucks whizzing by all too close seeming to believe that the speed limit is optional. And the kids can’t walk on the grass thanks to our militant fire ant population…Not to mention our snakes and other critters.

Now we can walk out of our complex and walk all the way down to the water treatment facility and be that much closer to that sulfurous stench. Maybe someday we will be able to walk safely to necessities that would relieve the need for a second car. I can dream, right?

Before I moved to SW Florida I never would have imagined that I’d get this giddy over a cement truck and traffic cones.

I need to get out of here… If only the sidewalks all connected…

What are YOU looking at?

15 Jun

What are YOU looking at?

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Rambutan! Tasty tasty fruit…

Although this is not what is looks like when it is ripe and just picked…Apparently the dark brown-ness happens if it isn’t refrigerated or eaten within days of picking…


still so tasty…

Kind of like a green grape crossed with a lychee…

Texture is a cross between a peeled grape and a gummy bear- bouncy but not rubbery…

Sweet and very much a dessert flavor….


Ok… A picture without the googly eyes:

and now for the closeup….

(you peel them by scoring them around the middle with a knife and then prying the skin off… there is an almond shaped nut/seed in the middle…don’t eat the seed…)

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