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Day One.

15 Jan

Didn’t resort to bubble wrap today.

But I have a fever.

And once again, today, Alex and I were bumped to an even lower priority in our little family/pod.


But on a positive note, Alex told me that SD cards have the information you save on them written in ink- really tiny letters and photos stored on the inside of the plastic shell in ink. Love it!  And my sugars were insanely awesome today.  Only 6% of readings were above target today.  Lots of lows and near lows, I feel like I ate my weight in Honeybell oranges, but didn’t have to bolus to cover meals and snacks at all. Weird. But I’ll take it!

And our meeting at school was rescheduled for next week… So transitioning Alex isn’t going so smoothly, as we can’t plan for anything without having a meeting to discuss the transition with his teachers…. Wish we could plan. I want to make this change over magical for him, as it’s a major milestone.

Happy Friday folks!



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