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The secret math of growing up….

13 Mar

Boy is wailing away on his kazoozaphone (little tikes had their way with a kazoo on this one… thankfully he doesn’t like the music it plays on it’s own…just the kazoo…)… A little while ago he wanted to watch his “year one” video… I think he has trouble connecting the baby in the movie to him as a big guy (relatively speaking)…. We talked about it for a bit and here’s the official word on age:  When you are O you are a baby….When you are 1 you are a baby…When you are 2 you are a big guy….When you are 3 you are a big guy…When you are 4 you are bigger…When you are 5 you are bigger….When you are 6 you are bigger….When you are 7 you are bigger…When you are 8 you are bigger….When you are 100 you are biggest  (fingers splayed and hands stretched up to the ceiling) and then you get very small again. No wonder he was cheering me on at my last doc’s appointment when the doc mentioned weight gain… Alex thinks I’m growing just like him…  Ahhh if only…  (by the way, the formatting screwiness is courtesy of safari it seems…. I’m switching over to firefox tonight….) 

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