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It’s Electric!

21 Jun


Southwest Florida’s summer weather has changed so much since we have been here, or perhaps every year is just different. A fantastic resource for our weather down here can be found over at Cape Weather.

Also, instead of teaching kids the second counting & distance of lightning thing, which provides a false sense of safety, please teach that if you can hear it then it’s close enough to hit you. We have many tourist families who stay in our complex and enjoy the pool and they don’t make the kids stop swimming until the thunderhead is over our complex! It’s pretty scary considering Florida’s lightning stats. Please be safe!


18 Aug
From CapeWeather.com

From CapeWeather.com

Wanted to find some witty lyrics to post as the title, but a search for Fay came up with F.A.Y. , so that is what I’m running with (not FAY from me…Just hopefully not F.A.Y. from Miss Fay as she comes up the peninsula…

Well, she’s a-comin’, but in what force and tme we don’t really know…

Here’s where I’m tracking:

Cape Weather

If you want to see what else is going on I do recommend NOAA.gov and even our local news and papers can offer some info… I found that News-Press.com is not always amazing on the updating (I usually just head to CapeWeather.com or Wunderground.com for weather info) BUT they were one of the only sources on information when my mom was going through Charley and we were feeling helpless up north….

We have, for the time being, decided to stay put…So we are doing lots of organizing and packing this morning, just in case we need to move….

As far as my etsy shop goes, I will not be shipping again until Friday (8/22)…But as long as we have power and our ‘net connection is up I will be checking in and updating my shop announcement….

Anyway, giant hugs and stocked emergency kits and wishes for safety to all in Fay’s path….



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