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Swine Flew

12 May

Swine Flu

Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

Alex’s drawing of swine flu. Click to go to flickr to see notes….



14 May

No seriously. Gak.

Boy has pink eye and an ear infection and we think strep throat.  He is feeling better today but still can’t hear out of his infected ear very well.  Normally we have communication issues but this is ridiculous and then some.

Hubby home from work with a nasty bug.

I finally came down with the fever and sore throat part this evening.  My sugars seem to be ok- not great but not totally resistant so I’m guessing I have a virus but the numbers will tell by tomorrow if I need to head to the docs… Until then I’m drinking some tasty tea (Thank you Julie!) with a diet ginger ale chaser…

Going back to bed. Neato documentary/discovery channel thing on the Ice Hotel… Probably not the best thing to watch with chills….

Later…Hope everyone stays healthy and happy…


4 Feb

I’m so tired.I just wandered around wearing my reading glasses, looking for a tiny bit of metal that flew off into the abyss that is my post holiday- pre-spring cleaning homebase…. Well I couldn’t see it and I remembered to put “annual dilated eye exam” on my to-do list. Alex takes one look at me and says “Mama…” in that way which tells me he is adjusting to my unintentional zaniness… I had put on my sunglasses instead of my reading glasses.  I wore them like this, squinting to see anything closer than 3 feet, for probably 1/2 an hour… Dragging boy in for a nap in a few… So wiped out… Feeling this exhausted and always running a low grade temp also has me wondering if maybe I don’t have a virus but maybe my immune system has just been battling all the new germies I have been exposed to since the little dude started school this fall… Hmmmmm…Need rest… more later or tomorrow….   

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