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Uh. Oh.

1 Jun

I’m finally getting back in the saddle with my doc appointments… Had a visit on Wednesday and things are getting really scary.

The first thought, from el doctore, is that I have autonomic neuropathy. Not a huge surprise as I am a type 1 (juvenile) diabetic (14 year anniversary on Flag Day in 2 weeks) but also something I wasn’t aware of. I know about all the warnings with feet and wearing shoes etc… But this is a horse of a different color.

Basically, the part of the nervous system that controls the automatic stuff- heart beating, lungs going in and out, body temperature, digestion, etc is damaged and getting worse.

No wonder I’m so exhausted and weak lately.

Wondering if that hormone producing tumor they removed last year was buffering any damage or suppressing the symptoms.

I won’t have confirmation on whether it is neuropathy or not until the end of July at the earliest.  Right now they just want me to rest.

Anyways. Sorry to post bummer news. Just needed to share. I’m just trying to work through this but since I’m feeling so crappy it’s hard to do anything right now…

Big hugs…


Sometimes folks can wait…

26 May

Ok. I’ll be frank here (no. you be Frank this time!) …It’s a pretty well known fact, with friends and family(the real ones, not the “plan” ones) that except for emergencies I am not a fan of cellular phones.

They make me bananas.

Sure many folks use them for business and they are oh-so-busy…. But I honestly believe that except for rare circumstances, there should be time in the day when people just have to wait for you to return their call.

Everyone bitched and moaned about telemarketers for ages- the family dinner interruptions, etc… But many of those same people have an earpiece in and look freaking batty walking down the street chatting away, and many of those people expose way too much of their private life when they are buying eggplant or taking the train.

I think we are all just too busy anyways. The demands of our lives can be so hefty at times that they manifest themselves as physical and mental illness.

Sometimes you’ve just got to shut the ringer off… What are you doing all this work for that you need to be on the horn during a dinner out (or at a movie theater while the movie is playing!!!) Perhaps you wouldn’t have to work as hard if you put down the phone for a few minutes here and there and truly put yourself into the moment rather than jumping in a most Pavlovian manner when you hear that (extremely irritating pop song) ringtone…. Maybe then priorities would be clearer and breathing would be easier…

That being said…For those emergencies when I even remember that we have a cellular telephone I do need this

(I am a gadget freak but more than that I am a fan of old school design combined with gadgetry…)

Larf your arse off.

19 May

Ok. I’ve stopped crying…

You see, I read this thread in the Etsy forums this morning and at first was laughing so hard (because I can relate to many of them!) . Then I started teering up because I was laughing so hard. Then I of course made the full on transition into bawling my eyes out.

I’m in love with the magic of being a kid right now.

Big news….

18 May

Big news, but not great news…

Summer here in the south is an adventure- daily electrical storms, power outages, and of course our lovely hurricane evacuations…

Because of the weather, excessive heat during shipping, and lengthy transit times due to the recent USPS changes (and my little guy who has suddenly lost his independent spirit and needs his mama constantly) I have decided to press the pause button on my skin care products. I will still be measuring and mixing, packaging and shipping orders containing Skin Spread and Best you ever for the next week as the stronger heat and weather that is a concern has not reached us yet. I do want to give my customers a chance to get what they need for the summer (Skin Spread is amazing as an after sun skin treat and soother).

I am extremely upset by this decision, even though it is my own, as producing Skin Spread has allowed me to meet some amazing new people and the glowing reviews and testimonials have been heartwarming and spirit lifting, to say the least.

So now, on to the good stuff… I’m putting Skin Spread and Best You Ever… into “sale” status for the next couple of days before I remove it completely from the store until things calm down. I will work on adjusting the listings over the next 24 hours, if you would like to purchase before then, to beat the rush simply fill your cart and checkout and wait for an adjusted invoice from me via PayPal (please include your preferred paypal address for me to send the invoice accurately)…

Sale Prices: Skin Spread 2oz unscented: $4.00 + Shipping

Skin Spread 2oz scented: $4.25 + Shipping

Best you ever cleanser: $8 + shipping

For the first 10 deal takers: Buy 2 Skin Spreads get one free… (free skin spread will come in a white plastic jar with metal top (not decorated)…plain and simple…)

If you’d like multiples please let me know so I can work out adjusted shipping…

I am hoping to have sale orders from this weekend shipped Monday morning…I will cease selling Skin Spread and Best you ever at the latest on Wednesday morning, May 23 (I’m aiming for Monday morning to cancel my listings, but life has a way of getting in the way of things these days…)

Thank you for your patience and support!

Best wishes,



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