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I’m still here-ish.

25 Oct

Gah.  I’m totally failing this NaBloWriMo thing this year. Lots has happened.  Some stuff is just so big that covering it needs more focus and oomph than I have right now… Some of the things now seem to inconsequential to cover, and writing about them before writing about the big things seems almost disrespectful of the big things…  Jiminy freaking crickets.  I don’t even want to be running around in my own head this week.  It looks like an episode of Hoarders in here…  Shot day today (Enbrel) and official day after shot day is tomorrow (stay in bed, watch TV, stick hands and elbows in paraffin, nice hot packs, cold packs, and making lists of shit shidoobi I need to deal with when I’m not in the middle of shot day or the day after)…

I’ll be in touch.


I will.

Thanks for hanging in there,  dear reader(s?) :-)



Thirsty? Tired? Peeing like a race horse?

14 Nov

Know the symptoms and save a life!


Understand diabetes: know the warning signs | World Diabetes Day.

Has anyone seen…..?

20 Jul

Has anyone seen…..?

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

my glasses? or my little hairclips?

(I was tired and realized that the missing glasses were on my head when I found a 3rd pair and tried to stick them on top….)


18 Apr

Baldguy back tomorrow.

Boy totally freaked out about the whole thing… So he’s back to talking about his little travel alarm/cd player/nature sounds radio that broke 2 years ago… It’s his defense mechanism…

Just exhausted and in need of quiet.  I keep giggling though because I keep thinking of Edina’s Iso-tank from AbFab.  Haven’t watched that in years.  I remember when I realized that I had matured too much and it was the point where I stopped laughing at AbFab.  Odd what makes you really re-evaluate.

Don’t worry that realization made me chill the frick out, back to a more reasonable and still a bit goofy level.

Anyway. Off to do some shuffling of stuff.  Need to release surfaces of their clutter oppressors….

Need space.


16 Apr

Having a difficult week here… Everything out of sorts…

Baldguy is in Kauai for Winner’s Circle (Gartner’s sales award)…It’s an all expenses paid vacation… He took our old friend Kim (Kim is a dude, by the way…Of course now I realize why so many people were confused about how I was ok with baldguy taking another chickie with him. But yeah, Kim is a guy. A really awesome guy who we have known from way back in Baldguy’s days moonlighting in a video store up north.)

Everyone keeps asking why I didn’t go. The truth is, I really wanted to go. My hip isn’t as bad as it was when he received confirmation that he had qualified for the trip- and the hip was a worry as I wanted to explore Kauai as actively as I possible could. I’d still need some modifications to handle my physical issues, but we would have had some serious fun. After all, the last time we took a vacation was the year after we were married. We drove from Boston to Burlington, VT. We were gone for 2 days. We stayed in a hotel we found on priceline… I think it was $50/night. We felt so decadent.

Imagine how we would feel in Kauai, at a very expensive resort with every expense paid… Wow.

But someone needed to stay with kiddo. We don’t have anyone that will watch him and keep him safe, not here. And we are making little bits of progress here and there… Leaving him (yes, for the first time in almost 5 years…not because I don’t recognize the need for time apart, but because the logistics are insurmountable) would have set us back so far in regards to progress, and taking him wasn’t an option (no comment). I let baldguy work on the logistics of possibly going as a family (baldguy’s idea) and was told that it couldn’t happen. I think it could have happened with some planning, but I have been focusing on the day to day with the kiddo, so I delegated and these were the results..

Hopefully, baldguy comes back refreshed and rested and ready to help tackle this beast that is our family life. Because I’m having a hard time holding onto the little bit of me that I finally found again after so long (my need to create) and managing the day to day things and staying on the various regimens that everyone tells us boy needs and that I see are helping him make progress. I can hope, right?

Huge hugs… Tough morning…Tough day yesterday with kiddo.


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