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Matcha Matcha Ma’am…

7 Mar

Yes.  I’m still here.

Yes.  Those are green brains!

My get up and go got up and went long ago.  I think it used mapquest for directions to wherever it was heading, and well, hasn’t been seen since.  I’m 99.9% sure it had my last marble in it’s pocket.

More soon.  Really.

Another couple of tests last month, so this month I have to get those bills corrected and argue with the insurance company because apparently they’ll pay for CT scan if you have swollen lymph nodes AND pain.  But if it’s something painless (and we all know that typically it’s the painless stuff that’s more worrisome) then they want to pretend it doesn’t exist.  I swear I know entirely too many people who are like the insurance company in that way…..

I have been drinking Matcha (with Splenda… Don’t bother correcting my usage of splenda in the comments.  People who do that make me bananas.  Not all of us tolerate stevia or sugar alcohols or honey or unbleached/brown sugar.  Thanks for your input, but if I’m going to have one freaking vice it will be mine to choose and I choose the splenda because everything else has been off limits for awhile.  Peace.)…. I think I am addicted to Matcha.

Occasionally, I whip (with a handy little bamboo whisk with a chunky handle that’s almost easy to grip with my RA-stiff hands) up a little too much.  I can’t waste it.  Good matcha tends to be a little pricey (I can rationalize that for you if you want me too) but it is, in my experience, more of a basal rate of caffeine, whereas coffee is an instant and short lived bolus…  So I take the extra matcha, sweeten it (with SPLENDA…. LAAAAA! Actually with EZ Sweetz, a liquid version so I don’t have to attempt opening packets and dumping them in without spilling everywhere and making my kitchen and myself look like Bronson Pinchot in True Romance), and pour it in a silicone ice tray.  This week I only had the brains ready to go.  So I have these fantastically large matcha brain-cubes for my widemouth water bottle… As they melt they release gentle Matcha flavoring into the water and they buoy my energy just a wee bit.

I also make kid a simple frappe with milk, probiotic fruit/veggie powder, matcha, and a wee bit of honey or fairly local (in state) demarara…. (and again, want to protest my use of milk as it does something mean to the whateverkins in the green tea?  I’m just happy I found another way to get protein, carbs, fiber, fat, and probiotics into my kid. Beggars can’t be choosers…. It’s dairy or bust around here thanks to enzyme deficiency and food additives.)

I killed my laptop while trying to be a good, organized do-bee, so that picture will have to wait.

More soon.  Really. *cheers*



14 May

No seriously. Gak.

Boy has pink eye and an ear infection and we think strep throat.  He is feeling better today but still can’t hear out of his infected ear very well.  Normally we have communication issues but this is ridiculous and then some.

Hubby home from work with a nasty bug.

I finally came down with the fever and sore throat part this evening.  My sugars seem to be ok- not great but not totally resistant so I’m guessing I have a virus but the numbers will tell by tomorrow if I need to head to the docs… Until then I’m drinking some tasty tea (Thank you Julie!) with a diet ginger ale chaser…

Going back to bed. Neato documentary/discovery channel thing on the Ice Hotel… Probably not the best thing to watch with chills….

Later…Hope everyone stays healthy and happy…


2 Apr

Yikes. I am just wiped out today.

Boyo was saying he wanted more sleep when he was getting ready for school this morning. He never does that.  He’s like I used to be…When he’s up, he’s up…No going back to bed…

Something just feels off in the universe… Since the time change… Wondering if there is anything more to that….

Hugs all around… Going to go sit on the porch with some of this tasty tea and soak up the sun….

You Rock My World.

24 Feb

TeaNoir, I’m talking about you…. I liked tea before… Really, I did… I had implements for brewing tea and neat little mini-paint cans from a well-known tea house stacked high on my counter….I have two italian glass jars (the kind with the hinged lid and rubber washer to keep moisture out) one for Redhot, one for Blackout….  They grace my counter and invite me to brew yet another rich cup….  But now I have a cabinet dedicated to the brewing of TeaNoir.  It’s true…  I’ve moved beyond Redhot and Blackout, although they are still part of my tea entourage.  I now have a dozen different bags of TeaNoir tea for whatever desire might strike me, at any time of day.  They are not only tasty but the art that Miss Kate, the TeaNoir Teamistress, has cultivated reveals itself sip by sip… The flavors are layered to perfection.  Some versions are drinkable in the most simple sense- they taste great and so I drink them and get a little twinge of panic that I might run out…So I place another order for those and whatever new varieties she has introduced….  Others are like Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper… No they don’t turn you into a giant blueberry.  They reveal themselves in a most gradual and sensual way… A cupful is a journey, a potful is a most wonderful, epic adventure… Because of my film background, perhaps I see things mostly as photographic in my imagination…. Bangkok, with it’s gentle waves of coconut and sexy lilt of anise, is a sepia toned hotel porch where Hemingway sits before tending to another safari story…. (and yes, I’m aware that Bangkok is not where most safari’s of Hemingway’s work occurred but TeaNoir’s Bangkok tea takes me from Florida to Bangkok to coconut cocktails on an otherwise deserted beach, to writing the tales of this tea journey on a hotel porch in the early part of the century.) Mango Lassi is perfect.   A smooth and silky and sweet and tart tea translation of the delicious yogurt based beverage.   I’m in Mumbai, exploring the city with a dear friend, and no longer just looking at the postcard of the coastline and the traffic… I can feel the warm air and the market and smell the spices and the sea… I’m at peace but something in me longs to explore…. Anyway, I could spend a month talking about my favorites… But these are the two newest ones that I am enjoying this weekend…  Kate of TeaNoir is truly an artist with a most creative and thrilling palate….  Stop on by her digs on Etsy and send her my best….   She does, by the way, offer a sampler on occasion, where you can try a small amount of three different teas…  It’s a great way to try some new flavors, or her versions of some of your old favorites… If you have questions just ask- she is very helpful and provides excellent customer service as well as tea.   

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