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Alex, The Time Machine, & Heromachine.com

16 Mar

A while back I found out that the baldguy was playing around on heromachine.com and had won one of the caption contests. The most wonderful prize was a custom drawing by the very talented Jeff Hebert. Baldguy (my baldguy) knew exactly what he wanted for the drawing- a picture of Alex in his Time Machine!

Of course, having a very rule based kid (see my previous post, Alex & The Time Machine) with little to no flexibility on pretty much anything, we knew the details would have to be perfect, and Jeff Hebert came through with a most perfect interpretation. So perfect, that kiddo saw it and said right away “that’s Alex! that’s me! it’s me! in my time machine!” and concurred that the screen and the button were exactly right (and we have only ever heard them described, verbally, by Alex) which, if you know Alex, means that this drawing is spot on, because any variation from his memory or his definition of something- verbal or visual- can send him into a tailspin. Thank you Mr. Hebert and heromachine.com for making a little kid with a pile of challenges feel like a true super hero.

Huge hug from a grateful mama!

Now, without any further delay, Alex & his Time Machine:

Alex & The Time Machine by Jeff Hebert/Heromachine.com

Alex & The Time Machine by Jeff Hebert/Heromachine.com

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