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Spring sprung

3 May

Flowers… For all of the kids & mamas who work tirelessly to build acceptance each and every day and who pulled out all of the stops during Autism Acceptance Month! Thanks for making our world- the world of every person with autism – a calmer, more understanding, and less chaotic & overwhelming place to thrive! xoxo, Bek & Alex

P.S. I’ll update eventually on why I’ve been sidelined more than usual. I haven’t been physically able to pen much but I have shared your ideas and links as much as possible.


10 Mar


Like softly glowing lanterns, on a summer night… Illuminate

Holiday Wrap Up….

4 Nov

Clevergirl.etsy.com packaging....

Clevergirl.etsy.com packaging...

(Thanks BigHugeLabs.com for the mosaic….Check them out! Some fun photo tools!)

Voila!  My 2008 packaging..

Clockwise from upper left:

Winter 2008 gift wrap, boxes (designed and printed in-house…Every printing changes a little bit-sometimes the design, sometimes the color), my signature any-occasion gift wrap, all packed up and ready for a padded envelope…Colors do vary!  I have to keep it interesting!  I do color code and provide a key for orders with multiple treasures, that way you aren’t shredding the paper and finding yourself hunting for wrapping paper when you are supposed to be heading out the door….

Purchases from my Etsy shop ship gift-wrapped… In the middle of November I will start shipping all packages with their treasures wrapped in my Winter 2008 style, until January 1st.  If you would like Winter 2008 wrapping before then, please let me know in the notes to seller area…. If you would like my non-winter wrapping during that time, please let me know…

I cannot express how much fun I have wrapping treasures and getting them ready for shipping!

Trying new things…

2 Jun


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Every week, or at least when we remember, boy and I try to sample a new fruit or vegetable. This is Pepino melon. We tried this when baldguy was in Kauai in April. It is a lovely creamy-pale yellow with dark purple eggplanty lightening bolts….

I was hoping it would be intensely flavorful and delicious… I think it has potential but isn’t so thrilling as a stand alone fruit/melon…. It tastes like a watery melony cucumber- very very mild… I put a little fresh ground Pink Himalayan salt on my half and it got a bit better… I imagine this would be fabulous with bacon…

Boy took one bite and went back to snapping pictures… He did declare that this melon looks like “mama’s belly”… Good to know that he sees purply striations on a melon and thinks of my lovely stretch marks…. (hey, I had polyhydramnios…it happens…they aren’t that purple any more though…)

You can find more info on the Pepino melon here….

Pepino Melon at Wikipedia.org

Lime Loops! Front Page! Woohoo!

4 Apr


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