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You might have an Aspie kid…. (Holiday Edition)

30 Nov

(Kiddo's First Christmas, 2003)

Some of the top signs you might have an Aspie kid in the family (holiday edition):
1. You know that a label maker will be his prized Christmas gift

2. He really wants Santa to bring him a fax machine and a land line

3. An AC Adapter for one of his gadgets is an ideal stocking stuffer

4. He is furious on Christmas morning because he thinks his dad ate the cookies.

5. He tries to spin every gift he opens

6. He tries to open his presents while covering his ears (because crumpling, ripping paper is too much stimulation for him) at the same time.

7. You do all of your shopping online because malls are sensory overload even at 9am on a weekday in the off-season

8. You get to skip the line to see Santa because your kid is too freaked out or just not interested.

9. Grandma Got Run-over By A Reindeer sends child into hysterics and calls must be made to verify health of all grandmothers

10. You frisk every piece of mail for musical greeting cards to disarm them before your child gets home from school. The risk of losing your last marble are very real as if he likes it he will open it repeatedly-only playing the first 5 notes and then he will close it and open it again and again and again until the battery runs out and then there will be a sizable meltdown and a trip to the market for more batteries and smaller tools and wasn’t the idea to skip stores completely during the holiday rush?

11. Your child’s amazon.com wishlist has a lengthy warning note about all of the above to warn well-meaning relatives so everyone can have a Merry Christmas! You ask for additional quantities of Junior’s favorite toy, for emergencies.

12. There is a good chance you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices on the “must-have” toy of the season, but you will spend weeks searching for a special interest related item that your child doesn’t already have. (my kid has a toilet shaped crumb vacuum from the UK. He has moved on since then but we could probably open a museum dedicated to plumbing themed novelties.

13. You wonder if there is a way to harness the energy expended by hand flapping and stimming. The holidays alone could power a small city.

14. You realize your child who won’t eat anything chewy or soft will eat pretty much anything in candy cane or cookie form. Google “broccoli cookies” and “no red dye all natural fruit flavored high fiber whole grain vitamin minerals protein candy canes” (found organic ones, by the way… beet root coloring!)

15. You plan your holiday baking less around gift-able treats and more around the occupational therapy benefits.

16. You are reminded, in all of the inevitable chaos, that you are luckier than most because you get to experience that Christmas morning thrill all year round as you rediscover the world with your awesome Aspie kid.

(here’s a link to yourlittleprofessor.com’s guide to gifts for kids with Asperger’s- it’s a “getting to know your Aspie” sort of an exercise for those who could use some insight into special interests and gift giving)

A boy and his boy….

10 Feb

A boy and his baby

Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

We originally ordered this doll for Alex when we were taking the plunge with toilet training… Since then, “Paul” the anatomically correct peeing doll (complete with potty) has been camping out in various toy storage containers around the house…Every once in awhile Alex digs him up, strips him naked, and then drops the doll on it’s head.

(Alex is an only child, this form of playing does help reinforce that decision)…

But he also reads to him (and Emily, who was my babydoll when I was Alex’s age..She now wears Alex’s old monkey print pajamas and hangs out in the toy chest)…

And talks to him.

And makes a cozy bed for him and tucks him in with kisses.  This is one of the upsides to having a kid who marches to the beat of a different drummer.  The sweetness and the love of ideas rather than logos and mass merchandised characters is always a joy.  He’s the kind of kid who collects random things and names them and catches kisses when I blow them to him (and falls asleep with one cupped in his hands, hands tucked under his head like one of those big-head precious moments figurines…Only Alex is not creepy…)

Anyway, he is also very curious about Paul’s plumbing- the waterworks inside, rather than the doll anatomically correctness…. Alex’s latest obsession is actual plumbing, specifically toilets. I think he had hopes that Paul’s little potty could somehow flush (it doesn’t)… I actually was really dreading that realization as kiddo tends to fixate and not sway…Reality is not necessarily an acceptable version for him… (Yes I have been searching high and low for a miniature toilet model complete with siphon mechanism.)

This round of play we realized we no longer have Paul’s bottle, so we used some disposable graduated pipettes (which I just happen to have in our home)… But we hit a snag…

Paul’s plumbing wasn’t working. Paul’s plumbing was clogged!

My response? I warned Alex that people do not have removable heads, and he should never try to prove that fact, and I popped Paul’s head off.

There was a wee kink in the tube in his head, but it was a great exercise in problem solving and plumbing, and doll construction….

It was also a reminder of how freaking creepy decapitated baby dolls really are.

(by the way- peeing boy doll was helpful when first starting the potty training thing, but peeing boy dolls also do not have the most effective seal against leaks….I think Paul taught Alex a few unintentional bladder control faux pas… Maybe with a less literal, less rule based kid this could be effective… We also had that potty-savvy Elmo, it didn’t really put anything in the potty so Alex would not accept it and I think he thought that Elmo was wearing a pullup under his red fur suit and that it was rapidly reaching critical mass…. To my non parenting inclined blog readers, I swear I will not go further into the potty training thing than this…and rarely… promise. really.)

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