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Found my voice…

18 May

Alas it is a little one…

Couldn’t speak above a whisper for 24 hours or so… Boy was worried…Kept climbing up on the bed to snuggle with me and waiting for me to speak and then would get so disappointed and say “Your voice isn’t big yet”…

The cool thing?  I could whisper from the bedroom when the boys were playing video games in the den(still want to call it the rumpus room. there is just something so hilarious and joyful sounding about “rumpus room”… ) and both of them would hear me. I didn’t even need to use the bell.

For 24 hour boyo listened to everything I said (thankfully his hearing is back since starting his antibiotics for the ear infection)…

The baldguy didn’t ask me to repeat anything. Which is amazing.  I think I said to him a couple of weeks, “I just want an hour where I don’t have to repeat anything. I’d save so much time and energy.”   So I guess I got my wish, even though I would rather not be in bed with a fever, in pain, and drifting in and out of consciousness….  Oh well, they still have to listen more carefully as my voice is not back full strength and I am stuck in bed, so they have to run the ship and because usually I’m the one who knows, they are having to be resourceful so as to not strain my voice or my energy… It’s amazing to watch and not as much of a disaster as I had imagined….(then again, I really haven’t left the master bedroom for 36 hours…)

Feel better….

17 May

Feel better balloons from boy…

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Started feeling more wheezy late last night and only slept an hour because my heart was racing…Went to the saturday clinic at my docs office and I have:
A kidney infection
An upper respiratory infection
Gastroenteritis (seems to have gone away but the kidney and respiratory infections are kicking my arse)…

So I’m on another course of antibiotics for the week….

I got home and hung out at the foot of my bed all day attempting to watch the Indiana Jones trilogy while baldguy entertains little guy.

All of a sudden this afternoon my voice disappeared. I can barely whisper and little guy is really worried.

Baldguy took little guy to Perkins for pancakes for dinner and little guy returned with a bunch of balloons to cheer me up.

How sweet is my kid? Hubby tied them to one of kiddo’s toy spatulas (he went through a kitchen utensil as a lovey phase so we have quite the selection) and then we tied bells to the spatula so I can ring for assistance when I need it (no voice + regular backpain + kidneys hurting + muscle spasms (electrolytes are off from the infections) + elevated heart rate from infection = getting out of bed is an event… so the boys are keeping me in rooibos tea refills (thanks Julie!) and warming up the heatpacks… I’m just happy I didn’t let this go another day or through the weekend. That’s a big problem with ‘betes – little issues can turn dangerous rapidly…. Although I did have symptoms most of last week that kicked my butt w-f, I should have just gone sooner… Oh well.

OK. Back to bed…. I’m finishing up season 1 of Family Ties… Good stuff, haven’t seen it since I was a kid… Definitely worth the revisit….

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