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14 May

No seriously. Gak.

Boy has pink eye and an ear infection and we think strep throat.  He is feeling better today but still can’t hear out of his infected ear very well.  Normally we have communication issues but this is ridiculous and then some.

Hubby home from work with a nasty bug.

I finally came down with the fever and sore throat part this evening.  My sugars seem to be ok- not great but not totally resistant so I’m guessing I have a virus but the numbers will tell by tomorrow if I need to head to the docs… Until then I’m drinking some tasty tea (Thank you Julie!) with a diet ginger ale chaser…

Going back to bed. Neato documentary/discovery channel thing on the Ice Hotel… Probably not the best thing to watch with chills….

Later…Hope everyone stays healthy and happy…

Better numbers…

16 Mar

Survived the night.  With my body fighting so hard just to keep me alive in such extreme conditions (blood sugar that spiked close to 500), I’m exhausted.  Every muscle aches and I can barely keep my eyes open.  So I’m drinking more fluids, eating a flax and berry waffle and heading back to bed.   I’m also plenty swollen… It took over 30 units of humalog/insulin in 6 hours to bring my sugar down…For comparison, I usually take around 60-80 units a day (depending on what I eat and how active I am)….30 units is a boatload.  I look like a freaking stickerbook as I still have all of my failed catheters in my belly. Ok, off I go with my 155 (woohoo!) to recover for the day….Toodles. 

Sugar sugar

16 Mar

Blech.I’ve been feeling crappy but now I feel super crappy…For 4 hours I have been trying to get my sugar down to at least a point where I feel safe enough to go to sleep. It’s “supposed” to be around 120…Since 10 it has been over 400.I was 3 points away from 500.This sucks.Changed out all parts of pump and I’m drinking lots of water…A little kink in my catheter can do some serious damage rapidly… I’m thinking that having a tickle attack with Alex may have messed it up… New catheter is at least delivering…. Numbers are dropping slowly… I just want to be at 300, but I’m also exhausted….  There is a huge difference between me seeing higher sick day numbers and the way I have been feeling all week and lately my sugars have been better, until this drama…. Yucko. Off to drink more water…Update tomorrow/later today….xob  

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