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Sweet Gherkins! I am a Ninja of my Craft!

20 Aug

This has to be one of the coolest features- not just because it is about my art, but because well, as some of you may be aware of, I was a bit of an alternative sort of Ninja back in a different life time.  But more on that another time….I’m in a bit of a rush as the witching hour is upon us and nobody has had a complete meltdown just yet but I think I must go spread some merriment and delegate.

Check it out!  Fantastic blog!

the :ninja blogs!: Series – Ninjas of their Crafts.



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I Like The Lite Brite Baby…

18 Aug

I Like The Light….

Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

A sneak peek….
One of my favorite game pieces, all grownup….

These will be coming to my Etsy & Smashing Darling shops as soon as I am back on my feet (I have a fever, I’m in bed, hence the larger than usual gaps in communication via my blog)….

(there are a few more colors- you’ll see!)

See you soon!

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Etsy Shop

Utility Baskets…

3 Jul

Bushel of Boxes….

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Wonderful utility baskets by Reisenthel in two sizes…

Scored a slew of these from GarnetHill.com

They are on sale (and not just a couple of dollars off, I’m talking *really* on sale) now for $14…They are a polyblend canvas (I’m guessing they wipe down fairly easily) with a brushed aluminum rim…They collapse when not needed for flat storage…Great for holding a large amount of anything temporarily or throwing toys in to get them out of the way for cleaning… I wouldn’t recommend them as straight out hampers (the tall ones have a mesh top that closes with a drawstring) as the cloth part cannot be machine washed…

baskets at garnethill.com

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