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40 Open Education Resources You Should Know About | Edudemic

11 Jul

A fantastic list of resources for adults and kids.  Documentaries, programming, information.  Oh my!  Check it out…

40 Open Education Resources You Should Know About | Edudemic.

I plan on looking at each resources and sending my kid links to “assignments” (watch, read, do, etc…) and cc’ing his dad on them so that maybe we can get out of the SSDD of summer break.   Not that my kid is just sitting in front of the TV, but he has been more self-propelled this year than ever before.  He has been teaching himself how to use Raspberry Pi, Linux, Python, Scratch, and more things that made me finally understand how overwhelmed and somewhat alienated and antiquated my parents felt when I became more tech savvy in the late 80’s/early 90’s.   I couldn’t remember a keyboard shortcut the other day, and I pride myself on my resourcefulness (read: I don’t ask for help unless it’s a last resort.  The results of this creed have found me in numerous situations learning experiences that would have escaped my eager grasp, had I not been endowed with such tenacity) but I went to holler an inquiry to Alex instead of seeking the answer the “me way”.

It’s surprising, to me, how technology has grown since I left the traditional workforce over nine years ago, due to illness.      It’s mind blowing, to me, that Alex’s education is largely technology based, but more organically than I would have imagined a few years ago.  Technology is there as a medium and I can’t imagine it having more impact than in a classroom for children with communication disorders, as the technology offers the versatility, when combined with traditional analog methods, to meet the needs of the kids concurrently.   Kind of neat.

So Alex has been playing with technology, this summer and  I have been flexing my problem solving skills. I’m trying to explore how we can integrate technology into our world, here at home, without investing in some of the ready to go tech that is so out of reach for us, financially, and in a pseudo-organic way so that it is less of a distraction, more of a functional tool, and less of a superpower with the ability to create human islands in a little condo in SW Florida.

Anyway, check out the link and the resources on that list.  There were some that I was familiar with and others that made me giddy with anticipation.

Did they miss any?  Please share, in the comments, if there are any you would add and I will do the same.

Hope your summer is going well!



Thanks a latte…

22 Mar

Thanks a latte…

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So Saturday morning my latte arrives, and every Saturday morning it has a double lid on it and the holes don’t match up…

Finally, last week I was giving this a way-too-sizeable brain expedition…

I wondered if there was any way to calculate how many lids Double-D was losing, and therefore how much revenue, because employees were taking part in careless capping.

I thought of all of the factors, and wondered what the probability of me always getting the doubled lid was…. I tried to remember which kid in my Independent Science Research class in high school studied chaos theory… Then boy came and raspberried me on the back of my knee and then I forgot all about it…

Until this morning when my latte arrived and I mentioned to baldguy, “It’s funny, every week I get a doubled lid”….

Turns out an intrepid DD employee asked him if he would like a double lid to prevent the typical coffee drip end of auto lease disaster staining often caused by sloshing coffee in single lidded containers (especially those that are in one of those disposable drink caddies)….

So baldguy has asked for a double lid every time since…

and I’ve completely come out as a science geek. Ooops.

Anyway- considering our frequent and epic drought conditions here in SW Florida, in honor of World Water Day today, it is drizzling! Woohoo!

But everyday, not just today, I wonder (as I pack up a bag lunch for little guy) as all of us are trying to make these decisions to make the world healthier for everyone and reduce the burden we impose on our planet- in some cases are we using more resources (or even the same amount) to clean our reusable coffee mugs/brown bags/reusable water bottles than we would be using by doing the less theoretically green thing….

Ok, here’s an example… We recycle whatever we cannot reuse in our home… BUT what is the environmental impact of having to wash a tomato sauce jar squeaky clean before it goes in the bin and then out to the curb on recycling day… It takes awhile, and a bunch of soap and elbow grease and water, to get that jar to the point where recycling will actually take it, and not waste paper by posting a warning or fine, and to the point where our neighborhood creatures (anywhere from lovely miniature owls to the 2nd largest lizard in the world…darling cousin of the kimodo dragon…I kid you not! to raccoons and other furry creatures) won’t be interested in distributing the recycling bin contents all over our neighborhood, where they might become a hazard to some other creatures…

Just some thoughts…..

So, to make a long story short… Happy World Water Day…. Visit the unicef site for lots more info…Google it, etc…

reduce, reuse, recycle….


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