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Need a pocket?

30 Jun


Ever find yourself needing a pocket for a little hands free carrying of tiny stuff?

Going for a walk with the dog, and want to take your ID (you should always have ID on you. Don’t make me mom-out on you) but no pockets and not so much a fan of the fanny pack? Need a covert little storage area on your person while you play devastatingly beautiful spy for the evening?

These are “Pocksie” and they are available through Amazon.com. You get 6 for $9.99 and they are this fabulous soft, thin, stretchy flannel-y material. There is adhesive on three sides with one side left adhesive-free (that’s the opening)- you stick them to your clothes (on the inside, typically) with the opening facing up, and your clothes become the backing to the pocket and voila! A little hidden pocket for your ID, some business cards…That sort of thing. They are beige, pale beige. I would love to see these in black as well, to blend more with a wider variety of clothing- and to bust up any confusion as to where you stick these (you do not stick them to your skin!).

I test drove these by sticking them to the inside of a fairly thin, soft cotton jersey loose fitting t-shirt (I didn’t want anything close fitting supporting it as this was one of my personal product tests and I wanted fairly clean anecdotal results). I jammed my insulin pump (heavier than most modern cellular phones) in it and went about my day. And it stuck. All day. It stuck really well and I was amazed at the end of the day how well it was still sticking- I had to give it a good pull to get it off (probably not a good match for silk!). I would feel confident wearing these under anything, holding ID, credit card, or a small cell-phone. Of course, your mileage may vary *insert disclaimer here* but I do recommend grabbing a 6-pack of these and keeping them on hand. On the inside of a loose fitting, single layer shirt you could clearly see where my pump was- but with ID and card, it wasn’t so noticeable.  I would probably use these under clothes with a more substantial fabric anyway, so for me that is a non-issue.

I bought them to see if my insulin pump would fit in them. My Animas 2020 was a very tight fit (not easy to get it in or out, but for a formal affair and the perfect outfit, I would be much happier with a little tugging to get the pump out than looking like I am losing my underthings…as was the case when I tried the leg thing- which is great if it fits you well… not so friendly on my curvaceous stems) and from the looks of it a Cozmo would fit well (not necessarily with the Cozmore backing)…

Women who wear insulin pumps are often faced with this dilemma as the choices for carrying their pump when all gussied up are usually- a case with a clip, reenacting the “pencil test” with their pump, or a “leg thing” (like a garter).
While my pump does have an integrated clip and I usually wear pump, tubing, etc fairly exposed (frankly, on most legging or jeans wearing days I just don’t give the aesthetics of this life improving device another thought), there have been moments during workouts or dress up that I have longed for a comfortable, concealed way to carry my pump.


19 Mar


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Ok. So it’s blurry.

But that little pink spot at the top, the actual catheter going in my belly part, is not supposed to have that dark shadowy stuff around it…

It was a bit of a bleeder… I nicked something going in, or shortly after, but didn’t discover it until the numbers were high again. Grrrrrr…. Making me a little nutso….Well, a little more than usual….

That is my lovely belly…. The episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight where she has a tummy tuck was on a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised to find out that her belly, at it’s biggest, was only a few centimeters larger than mine (at my biggest)… She had 6 kiddos in there. I had one (and my kiddo was born at 33 weeks). I had polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and went from not showing that much to ginormous within a matter of 2 weeks. Yeah. Itchy, sore, and lumpy. Gorgeous. I’ll have to find a picture of my belly… I’m sure I have one somewhere…. So this belly you are seeing here is my belly now. It’s not attractive, but it’s mine. And everytime my little guy gives me a pat and mentions that he lived in there, I smile.

I won’t have a tummy tuck. No way. I have been through too many surgeries in my short time on this planet to do anything medical that is elective. So I’m working on getting into healthier shape so I can feel better and have more energy for my little guy, but we are still trying to figure out what is destroying my energy this much… Off to another doc tomorrow to review the ct scan of my trunk and some blood work… We shall see what we shall see….

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