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The Boy, The Brain, and The Money.

9 Aug

For weeks boyo has been asking for a “coin catalog” for his birthday. Specifically: a yellow coin catalog.

I have been scratching my head on this one… A little giddy because he seems to be taking an interest in something non-digital… A little confused as, while he loves his piggy bank/money jar, he really has no understanding of money, and I have no idea where this interest might have come from. There was an episode of The Simpson’s where Bart and Homer take up coin collecting, but boy doesn’t have much of an interest in “Spongebob” (we think that he thinks that The Simpson’s is a spinoff from “Spongebob Squarepants”….It’s the jaundiced coloring, me thinks….)…

Strolling through the web today I found the McMaster-Carr book of wonder. Eureka! The boy wants to make stuff! My little engineering genius… Always trying to figure out how things work, now he wants to make things work… Woohoo!

He did concur that he would like the McMaster-Carr catalog, as would I.

Then he told me that the yellow coin catalog in question has a screen…

Off to search again…
On Amazon.com we played around and he expressed that this “catalog” had a sorting function, so we browsed coin sorters and finally found one with a screen.

Boy wants a toy bank ATM….

A few more questions later and I found out that an ATM (even a real one at a bank) is, to boy, a catalog.

Here’s how they work:
You insert your card
You order your items (in this case, cash) by pressing the buttons
The ATM prints your money to order, when it dispenses it, it is “shipping” your order….

Hence, it is like a catalog.

He is so happy we finally figured it out. So are we.

Gocco Supplies and Links

23 May

In the Etsy community forum, I frequently see folks looking for well priced supplies for their Gocco presses that are available domestically (quicker and less expensive shipping…internationally there are many supplies if you are willing to wait…)…

Here’s where I get my supplies:

Northwood Studios.  The owner/operator is Judy Funk who is a Gocco-expert and a pleasure to do business with.  She is informative and prompt and a nice person… Her pricing is fair (and better than many other sources out there)… She also occasionally has used machines and some neat gadgets available… As she has so much Gocco experience, she can usually answer any questions and often has great solutions available (like a great non-gocco branded screen cleaner) that only experience could have brought….

Anyway, give her a visit…

To see what Gocco can do, Flickr has a couple of Gocco photo groups… Here’s “Gocco”

A general, “What Is Gocco?” is available at savegocco.com

Happy Friday and Happy Printing!


Wow! They are here already!

8 Jun

Yay! Just a quickie for now…Hopefully I’ll have a little time to update more thoroughly during the upcoming weekend…

Can you believe that my business cards ordered June 5 arrived a couple of hours ago? With ground shipping from California to Florida?  And they are absolutely perfect?

The cards are fabulous and shiny and crisp and bright…

I’m thrilled with overnightprints.com on this order!


Ok. Have to go wrangle boy down for a nap so I can take my meds (more on that this weekend) and sprawl on my bed for a few winks…

Hugs all around!

Happy Friday!


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