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Qu’est-ce que c’est?

27 May

Qu’est-ce que c’est

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What is this? Any guesses?

(I’ll reveal in a little while…also want to make sure the comments are working on my blog so please comment! :-)

This reminded me of naked mole rats/fetal pigs/gross lab stuff (but it’s not)….

Any thoughts? Even silly ones?

Happy Tuesday.

voila…It’s January!  My stuffed pig … I have had him since I was 3 or 4… I “gutted” him and restuffed him and now boyo has adopted him…  I was thinking about sending him to a “doll hospital” but decided that I could do a simple restuff and he wouldn’t lose his well worn appeal….

Miss Parker and the learning curve

22 Jan

Miss ParkerOriginally uploaded by CleverGirlBekOk.First of all…Voila. Vintage glass pistols on a pink backdrop, set in silver by yours truly…I had a bit of an obsession with the film Bonnie & Clyde for some time (around the same time as my The Graduate obsession…still love both but I’m focusing on other things and I’m not searching for a film history topic these days)…. So I named this after Miss Bonnie Parker… Although Dorothy Parker possibly could have appreciated this…I have only done a few of this rounded rectangle shape in my metal career…This is, by far, I feel the best um execution thus far… The rounded rectangle is surprisingly, more of a learning experience than I ever would have anticipated…. Truthfully? When a project doesn’t go the way I really want it to go and become a happy accident- when I’m not 120% excited about the final piece, or even sometimes I’ll become disenchanted whilst putting on the finishing touches, it has almost always been my experience with the dread rounded rectangle … But no more. I will not waste another moment on procrastination of jumping on the rounded rectangle horse once more. I figured out the final detail – the key- and I hope I am not jinxing myself here by saying that my future attempts at rounded rectangles shall be triumphant! (cue victory music… maybe “we will rock you”….hmmmm).So here it is…And out it shipped this morning…. I will, of course, be making another one (possible another 2) in the future….So keep your eyes peeled, there may be more of this general shape in my shop soon! Woohoo!

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