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14 May

No seriously. Gak.

Boy has pink eye and an ear infection and we think strep throat.  He is feeling better today but still can’t hear out of his infected ear very well.  Normally we have communication issues but this is ridiculous and then some.

Hubby home from work with a nasty bug.

I finally came down with the fever and sore throat part this evening.  My sugars seem to be ok- not great but not totally resistant so I’m guessing I have a virus but the numbers will tell by tomorrow if I need to head to the docs… Until then I’m drinking some tasty tea (Thank you Julie!) with a diet ginger ale chaser…

Going back to bed. Neato documentary/discovery channel thing on the Ice Hotel… Probably not the best thing to watch with chills….

Later…Hope everyone stays healthy and happy…

Visit from the fairy…

12 May

For Mother’s Day we were visited by the fairy. The Pink Eye fairy.

Boy has pink eye… Baldguy wasn’t feel good this morning… Both are home… Ugh. This means that today we miss boy’s occupational therapy session… It means that he is home from school this week… Baldguy surprised me with the best mother’s day present this morning- I slept until 9am (I woke up thinking I had lost my marbles…7:30 am is sleeping info me)… He found the number for our OT place to cancel and he called the pediatricians and the nurse called in some drops for boyo’s eyes… Wow. Nobody ever takes the reigns around here except me and I swear part of the reason I have trouble sleeping is because I always feel like there is stuff that I could be taking care of instead of sleeping and I’m at the point where less sleep isn’t going to have that much more of a negative impact on my health (yeah, stupid I know, but that’s how it feels with all of the stuff going on here)…

Anyway- for those of you struggling with kiddos and pink eye and eyedrops this week I wanted to share this most helpful How To… on administering eyedrops to little kids (boyo had no problem with his shots but eyedrops are a drama)….

Ok. Off to the pharmacy to get the drops…

Hugs to all the Mamas and all the Mama-types.



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