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What Is The Value Of A Life? | Psychology Today

6 Nov

Great piece by Lynne Saroya’s Asperger’s Diary: Life through the lens of Asperger’s Syndrome on Psychology Today about self-worth, heroes, and being different.


What Is The Value Of A Life? | Psychology Today.

One Day, No Hate.

5 Oct

“I saw a tweet from the brilliant and talented Jane Devin.  She is someone who makes me think and inspires me on a regular basis. She said, ” I wish we could have a one-day moratorium on angry speech. It’s so divisive, and it works against understanding.”  Within a few tweets, and some wonderful support, she launched a full blown effort.

And there it was. One Day, No Hate will be observed on Oct. 6th. On this day, we pledge to let go of all the angry speech and actually try to understand each other. On this day, we listen. On this day, we break down the barriers that separate us and respect our differences.

It is just one day. We all know that so much more is needed. But it is a wonderful start.  It is a needed start.”

Down To Earth Mama

Read Jane Devin’s writing on One Day, No Hate and then join us!  I hope this can be a productive and peaceful day!

I am thrilled about this, as I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the mudslinging and spreading of lies and hate, we are quickly going nowhere fast, in making this world a better place for everyone.  Hopefully, October 6th will open ears and minds.

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