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Front page!

6 Jul

Yay! My Starlight Mint earrings are on the front page of Etsy!

What a fabulous surprise this morning (exactly what I needed as it was a rough night)-thanks BudanArt for featuring me in your lovely treasury and congrats on your treasury makin’ it to the front! Woohoo!

frontpage smaller


Wow! They are here already!

8 Jun

Yay! Just a quickie for now…Hopefully I’ll have a little time to update more thoroughly during the upcoming weekend…

Can you believe that my business cards ordered June 5 arrived a couple of hours ago? With ground shipping from California to Florida?  And they are absolutely perfect?

The cards are fabulous and shiny and crisp and bright…

I’m thrilled with overnightprints.com on this order!


Ok. Have to go wrangle boy down for a nap so I can take my meds (more on that this weekend) and sprawl on my bed for a few winks…

Hugs all around!

Happy Friday!


Freshly Minted.

5 Jun

new business card front….

business card front

click on it to read more about the origin of the various features….

back of card (green globby stuff at bottom is to keep the creeps, beeps, and sweeps at bay… in real life it’s the big red phone at CleverGirl Industries)

card back

Yay for Overnight Prints ! With a $10 off coupon (coupon code: SPRING07) I ordered 100 for 16.- USD including lovely rounded corners and their cool UV coating (their shipping is steep, so $10 off covers a little bit more than ground shipping)… Sure VistaPrint offers free business cards (you pay shipping) but most of the VistaPrint cards I receive with the treats I order look like they are from “fly by night” operations… I have been using Overnight Prints since early December (5 orders thus far, including postcards) and while one order was off slightly in color (they replaced it within a couple of days with perfect cards) you can’t beat the quality and the design tools are easy and fun to use…

Any thoughts? Comments? Please save me from my own noggin!

note: images and text are crisp “in real life”… they are just posting funny… (but not “funny ha ha”)

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