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Find me on Facebook!

14 Jul

My Facebook page for CleverGirl/CleverIndie is up and running! Come visit! Become a fan!

I will be offering Facebook Fan specials throughout the year!

Click here to rock down to um Facebook avenue (?!)

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New CleverIndie.com !

3 Mar

New site!

Yay! The new CleverIndie.com site is up!

Come visit!

Branding and small business…

3 Jul

Custom packing tape…

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Custom packing tape… Almost a year ago I was trying to find a way to use up my inked gocco screen in a practical way…


Custom packing tape… Ok, it’s not tape- it’s that fiberglass thread reinforced brown papery stuff, but it works like a charm and makes all of the outgoing packages look fabulous…

I am a packaging and branding geek (for those that had not noticed yet!)

I believe the giant roll from our local staples was around $10… I don’t use a whole foot- only about 3 or 4 inches… I did the math- that’s around $0.01 per package (I only use one strip per padded envelope) at most (actually it came out to $0.006/strip, not including the ink and time..but as the ink would otherwise go to waste and it only takes me a few minutes to do a pile of these I don’t think the labor adds up to much in this case)…

Pretty easy, quick, and economical…
And a pretty touch when shipping an order…

I find that running one of these over a dampened sponge (I have one dedicated to this) does not take any more time than getting out the tape gun, unsticking the tape from itself, and changing the roll out… Instead I have a pile of these by my shipping area and before I put my envelopes by the door I slap these on the backs (to prevent pilferage during shipping as well)….

Finally, an answer.

5 May


Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

I think I discovered why I am feeling more fatigued and blue than usual.

It is not the stress.

It is, apparently, my mattress.

Love the mattress… If I find myself in the market for a new mattress I’m going to go with another Keetsa– more green, more healthy…Boy’s Keetsa mattress is wonderful…(awesome experience all around and a product I feel good about having my kiddo sleep on and I have been known to nod off rapidly as the base model is very comfy, even with my old bones)

BUT looking things up in Webster’s before finalizing a name choice should be the first lesson in marketing 101….

A symbol of quality

28 Mar

I love…

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

I love a nice hot pixxa.

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