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Happy Birthday to Me (and Marie Curie!)

7 Nov

I’m 36… She’s 144…  Both square numbers.  One of those dorky coincidences that makes me flap my hands.




p.s.  These were the do-over cupcakes for the harvest festival… The first festival (and the cupcakes featured in a later entry on this blog) was rained out.  So back to the mixer I went.  I spent another Thursday night baking like mad.  I spent Saturday and Sunday and so far half of today sleeping and piling on the heat packs.  So worth it. I don’t know how much they raised for the ESE classes, but the cakewalk seemed to be the busiest event on Friday night!  YEAH!

The Art….

26 Jun

The book….

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

222 pages of my work…

222 pages of bright and candy colored macro shots….

I did this as a reminder of how far I have come and also as a gift for my dad to share with him how far I have come in the past year…

I this because on the really hard days when it seems like nobody is making progress anywhere I can look at this and say holy crap, this is where I spent the last year….

Feels good. Off to work on the subjects for volume 2.

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