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Oh carp!

12 Mar

Oh carp!

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At Dragon Gate…
I believe this is koi #4, but I have to check on that… Each one is a little different and I only make around two of these a year. This is the first one that is not lariat style, due to a rather fortuitous oops on my part…

Koi represent perseverance through struggle and triumph/success.

You can find this one in my Etsy shop.
Once someone hooks him, he’ll be gone…


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Lucky Day.

15 Feb

lucky starfish?

This past Friday was Friday the 13th.

Jeff explained it to Alex, that it’s considered a “bad luck” day by those who subscribe to superstition…  It’s really hard to explain superstition to a kid who is so rules based as he takes everything as irrefutable fact.

Since Friday was a named day and so was Saturday (Valentine’s Day), Alex felt that Sunday should not be left out.

So today is “Good Luck Day”.

According to Alex, Good Luck Day is a very lucky day, and it is celebrated on February 15th, but only when February 15th falls on a Sunday.  It’s so lucky, it only happens every seven years. Unlike Brahkenhash, the other holiday he has declared, which I will cover on this blog when it gets closer to Brahkenhash season, but early enough that everyone will have time to prepare (and I can find my notes, as it was quite the interesting conversation with kiddo, I had to take notes…I also have to check my spelling, as I have been known to screw up the spelling of Brahkenhash regularly…)

So today we celebrate good fortune.  I think it’s something we should celebrate everyday…Like Thanksgiving, only without the excessive turkey, stuffing, and assortment of tasty pies.

Happy Good Luck Day! May fortune find you wherever you may be.


Bek (and Alex)

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