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Snow in Florida

15 Mar

Snow in Florida

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Ok. So boy is finally getting big guy furniture in his room… We chose steel shelving and avoided fiberboard type stuff just in case there is more to this offgassing thing… Hey, I’m uber-sensitive to new carpets and such, so we figured we’d give it the benefit of the doubt…

Anyway, baldguy was supposed to put shelves together last night. A dear friend we haven’t spoken to in forever called right as hubby was asking for the copy of the directions, so hubby took the phone and I put most of a unit together… My body is not happy with this decision today…

I figured that since I was inside a steel shelving unit screwing things together, hubby would keep track of boy…

Well, I peek out of shelves and see snow. Forget chemicals and offgassing worries about the furniture. Boy shredded about 5 cubic feet of styrofoam into a blizzard.

And you know what a bitch that stuff is to clean up.


Well, baldguy did clean it up…At least he cleaned up the stuff in the kitchen- of course when told to help boyo took off with a whirlwind of teensy white styrofoam balls swirling around so now they really are everywhere.


And I’m still feeling pretty lousy from 1. the contrast and barium from my test 2. my back is worse than ever from lifting stuff because otherwise boy will be in college before it gets done (and it not getting done will get blamed right back on me for some stupid reason…grrrrr) and 3. hubby dropped a 30lb steel shelf on my hand when he was “helping” last night… oh yeah, and I almost forgot (ha. ha.) boyo did ok at school this week, but not so good at home… Lots and lots of full blown freak-out tantrums. Typically late at night, but not night terrors…. His naps are off, so his sleep is off, and I’m moving stuff around which he doesn’t do well with (not big on the change thing, it seems)…. So I have also been blessed with a giant headache and I’m more exhausted than ever….

Going to go put a bag together for goodwill…. Hope everyone is doing well today…


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