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19 Mar


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Ok. So it’s blurry.

But that little pink spot at the top, the actual catheter going in my belly part, is not supposed to have that dark shadowy stuff around it…

It was a bit of a bleeder… I nicked something going in, or shortly after, but didn’t discover it until the numbers were high again. Grrrrrr…. Making me a little nutso….Well, a little more than usual….

That is my lovely belly…. The episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight where she has a tummy tuck was on a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised to find out that her belly, at it’s biggest, was only a few centimeters larger than mine (at my biggest)… She had 6 kiddos in there. I had one (and my kiddo was born at 33 weeks). I had polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and went from not showing that much to ginormous within a matter of 2 weeks. Yeah. Itchy, sore, and lumpy. Gorgeous. I’ll have to find a picture of my belly… I’m sure I have one somewhere…. So this belly you are seeing here is my belly now. It’s not attractive, but it’s mine. And everytime my little guy gives me a pat and mentions that he lived in there, I smile.

I won’t have a tummy tuck. No way. I have been through too many surgeries in my short time on this planet to do anything medical that is elective. So I’m working on getting into healthier shape so I can feel better and have more energy for my little guy, but we are still trying to figure out what is destroying my energy this much… Off to another doc tomorrow to review the ct scan of my trunk and some blood work… We shall see what we shall see….

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