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Matcha Matcha Ma’am…

7 Mar

Yes.  I’m still here.

Yes.  Those are green brains!

My get up and go got up and went long ago.  I think it used mapquest for directions to wherever it was heading, and well, hasn’t been seen since.  I’m 99.9% sure it had my last marble in it’s pocket.

More soon.  Really.

Another couple of tests last month, so this month I have to get those bills corrected and argue with the insurance company because apparently they’ll pay for CT scan if you have swollen lymph nodes AND pain.  But if it’s something painless (and we all know that typically it’s the painless stuff that’s more worrisome) then they want to pretend it doesn’t exist.  I swear I know entirely too many people who are like the insurance company in that way…..

I have been drinking Matcha (with Splenda… Don’t bother correcting my usage of splenda in the comments.  People who do that make me bananas.  Not all of us tolerate stevia or sugar alcohols or honey or unbleached/brown sugar.  Thanks for your input, but if I’m going to have one freaking vice it will be mine to choose and I choose the splenda because everything else has been off limits for awhile.  Peace.)…. I think I am addicted to Matcha.

Occasionally, I whip (with a handy little bamboo whisk with a chunky handle that’s almost easy to grip with my RA-stiff hands) up a little too much.  I can’t waste it.  Good matcha tends to be a little pricey (I can rationalize that for you if you want me too) but it is, in my experience, more of a basal rate of caffeine, whereas coffee is an instant and short lived bolus…  So I take the extra matcha, sweeten it (with SPLENDA…. LAAAAA! Actually with EZ Sweetz, a liquid version so I don’t have to attempt opening packets and dumping them in without spilling everywhere and making my kitchen and myself look like Bronson Pinchot in True Romance), and pour it in a silicone ice tray.  This week I only had the brains ready to go.  So I have these fantastically large matcha brain-cubes for my widemouth water bottle… As they melt they release gentle Matcha flavoring into the water and they buoy my energy just a wee bit.

I also make kid a simple frappe with milk, probiotic fruit/veggie powder, matcha, and a wee bit of honey or fairly local (in state) demarara…. (and again, want to protest my use of milk as it does something mean to the whateverkins in the green tea?  I’m just happy I found another way to get protein, carbs, fiber, fat, and probiotics into my kid. Beggars can’t be choosers…. It’s dairy or bust around here thanks to enzyme deficiency and food additives.)

I killed my laptop while trying to be a good, organized do-bee, so that picture will have to wait.

More soon.  Really. *cheers*


Gocco Supplies and Links

23 May

In the Etsy community forum, I frequently see folks looking for well priced supplies for their Gocco presses that are available domestically (quicker and less expensive shipping…internationally there are many supplies if you are willing to wait…)…

Here’s where I get my supplies:

Northwood Studios.  The owner/operator is Judy Funk who is a Gocco-expert and a pleasure to do business with.  She is informative and prompt and a nice person… Her pricing is fair (and better than many other sources out there)… She also occasionally has used machines and some neat gadgets available… As she has so much Gocco experience, she can usually answer any questions and often has great solutions available (like a great non-gocco branded screen cleaner) that only experience could have brought….

Anyway, give her a visit…

To see what Gocco can do, Flickr has a couple of Gocco photo groups… Here’s “Gocco”

A general, “What Is Gocco?” is available at savegocco.com

Happy Friday and Happy Printing!


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