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Boy and his tunes….

12 Jun

Boy and his tunes….

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Boyo’s new radio + my ipod that is older than he is and doesn’t work so well but he thinks he is the big shidoobi… Boyo loves music. He is a big fan of Beethoven, Mozart, Neil Young, and Dan Zanes. He will often play the guitar, ukelele, or kazoozaphone along with whatever music he is listening to…

He frequently sings instrumentals to me with such conviction, seriousness, and passion that it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time….

This is one of his things we are so proud of, yet it is obsessive and a bit compulsive and one of the things that throws a big ol’ flag up with the various professionals who have evaluated him and worked with him…

I’m just amazed he is this into music as I can’t carry a tune or play anything more than a c scale on the piano….

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