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Fa la la la la, la la la la

23 Dec

This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed today.
So appropriate for the many of us who passionately believe in the immeasurable, magnificent, and glorious power of science & laughter (especially laughter shared).


With love & laughter & light (actual & metaphoric),
Bek C.

Lucky Day.

15 Feb

lucky starfish?

This past Friday was Friday the 13th.

Jeff explained it to Alex, that it’s considered a “bad luck” day by those who subscribe to superstition…  It’s really hard to explain superstition to a kid who is so rules based as he takes everything as irrefutable fact.

Since Friday was a named day and so was Saturday (Valentine’s Day), Alex felt that Sunday should not be left out.

So today is “Good Luck Day”.

According to Alex, Good Luck Day is a very lucky day, and it is celebrated on February 15th, but only when February 15th falls on a Sunday.  It’s so lucky, it only happens every seven years. Unlike Brahkenhash, the other holiday he has declared, which I will cover on this blog when it gets closer to Brahkenhash season, but early enough that everyone will have time to prepare (and I can find my notes, as it was quite the interesting conversation with kiddo, I had to take notes…I also have to check my spelling, as I have been known to screw up the spelling of Brahkenhash regularly…)

So today we celebrate good fortune.  I think it’s something we should celebrate everyday…Like Thanksgiving, only without the excessive turkey, stuffing, and assortment of tasty pies.

Happy Good Luck Day! May fortune find you wherever you may be.


Bek (and Alex)

Wishes Granted Everywhere….

7 Aug

Ok, just the material wishes….

I have always adored the wishlist feature on Amazon.com… It makes shopping/giving so much easier and I am convinced it is a clutter buster as we don’t always wind up with things we will never use (or can’t use…I’m not an XS. I haven’t been an XS since I was a fetus.)…

On the other hand, all of you know I love handmade. Most of my amazon.com list is comprised of books on metal technique, SID, SPD, ADHD, etc… There are a couple of tools, and occasionally a big ticket item… I often use my wishlist as a holding place for things I will buy myself…Of course, if anyone wants to get them for me before I save up enough ducats, than hey. I’m not complaining! I like them because they give direction to family members that are far away when buying for boyo… It’s all good…

What I really love is handmade stuff (and not just because I am a maker of handmade goods)….

I have a million things I adore on Etsy.com and SmashingDarling.com that I would love to put in a wishlist… Etsy has a favorites list but I tend to favorite things either I want to give to someone else or that I want… Last year I wound up with a really cool nitroglycerin holding keychain from hubby. Um, I’m not on nitroglycerin…I can’t remember who I earmarked that for, but it wasn’t me…. So until that allows for greater organization and clarification I am so excited that Amazon now has a Universal Wish List button that you can add to your browser.

You can add anything from anywhere. It adds a title, image, and link…You can put a description and the price if you would like… When someone views your wishlist they just click and bam! they are on the item page… The only potential issue I can see on this is that checkout will of course be with the linked site, not with Amazon…Might confuse those who are not yet familiar with venues like Etsy… For now though I am hoping it brings more exposure for the fabulous Etsy (and all of us who peddle our handmade goods there…Me included, of course…) and a great way to organize and add to wishlists….

Here’s a link to the button!

Now head to Etsy.com and have fun! Enjoy!

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