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Bek in Blah.

2 Oct

This critter is the Patron Saint of Cheering Me The F$#k Up. It’s up there with French Bulldog Puppy Rolling Over* in my Evernote Notebook of Things That Make Me Say Yay (Volume 2. Volume 1’s “Yay” is a sarcastic yay.)


Bill Nye, Guinea Pig:

Are you smiling? I’m smiling. That face (and I am not a rodent person, not since living in the South End/Roxbury a long time ago)… It’s like he’s truly horrified by whatever you just said or maybe he can read your mind and still, totally horrified.

Really. Tell him anything and he is clearly taken aback. He’s not quite a disapproving rabbit but Bill Nye has a little of that je ne sais quoi that makes me smile and lifts ye olde doldrums (ye oldedrums?). He’s more horrified than just being disapproving. He’s not judging. He’s trying to remember where he parked and if you know his home address.

Alex said that he looks like he’s trying to blame some smelly rodent bodily functions on someone else. Then again, everything is about malodorous bodily functions and underpants and butts (and all three combined are known as Thunderpants. Yeah. Alex just bowed his head and said “oh no” when I offered up that gem. Sheesh 8 year olds!)….

So try it. Confess something embarrassing…(don’t worry, I can’t hear you unless you speak through your fingers in the comments section)

I’ll give you a moment. OK.


Wow. Someone was naughty!

Anyway, enjoy your last few hours of the weekend (those of you observing weekends).

More tomorrow, when mah heart heads back to school and my brain resumes pulsing with wildly intelligent thought.




p.s. I understand that Bill Nye is still up for adoption… Please please please someone adopt this critter! If you click his photo it should take you to his PetFinder.com listing.

*French Bulldog Puppy Rolling Over:

I wonder how Bill Nye feels about all the silly stuff on YouTube.com….

That’s what I thought….

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