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Spring sprung

3 May

Flowers… For all of the kids & mamas who work tirelessly to build acceptance each and every day and who pulled out all of the stops during Autism Acceptance Month! Thanks for making our world- the world of every person with autism – a calmer, more understanding, and less chaotic & overwhelming place to thrive! xoxo, Bek & Alex

P.S. I’ll update eventually on why I’ve been sidelined more than usual. I haven’t been physically able to pen much but I have shared your ideas and links as much as possible.


Spring box….

22 Mar

Spring box….

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

A lovely CleverGirl parcel for a dear friend and customer….

I always wrap the treasures I send out in this style… Typically, I do ship using padded envelopes… This box arrive the morning that I was wrapping these treats up, and I have quite the volume of easter basket grass that I am trying to use up…. So voila….

I make the sushi grass stickers myself (occasionally they are made by one of the boys…VERY occasionally)

The lovely paperclip flowers come from the brilliant Naomi at Art by Naomi . I have been buying these posie clips for awhile now, and I love working with Naomi. She has lots of cheerful treats in her shop, please be sure to check them out! (lots of good stuff for giftwrapping, scrapbooking, etc…)

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