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What are YOU looking at?

15 Jun

What are YOU looking at?

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Rambutan! Tasty tasty fruit…

Although this is not what is looks like when it is ripe and just picked…Apparently the dark brown-ness happens if it isn’t refrigerated or eaten within days of picking…


still so tasty…

Kind of like a green grape crossed with a lychee…

Texture is a cross between a peeled grape and a gummy bear- bouncy but not rubbery…

Sweet and very much a dessert flavor….


Ok… A picture without the googly eyes:

and now for the closeup….

(you peel them by scoring them around the middle with a knife and then prying the skin off… there is an almond shaped nut/seed in the middle…don’t eat the seed…)

Trying new things…

2 Jun


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Every week, or at least when we remember, boy and I try to sample a new fruit or vegetable. This is Pepino melon. We tried this when baldguy was in Kauai in April. It is a lovely creamy-pale yellow with dark purple eggplanty lightening bolts….

I was hoping it would be intensely flavorful and delicious… I think it has potential but isn’t so thrilling as a stand alone fruit/melon…. It tastes like a watery melony cucumber- very very mild… I put a little fresh ground Pink Himalayan salt on my half and it got a bit better… I imagine this would be fabulous with bacon…

Boy took one bite and went back to snapping pictures… He did declare that this melon looks like “mama’s belly”… Good to know that he sees purply striations on a melon and thinks of my lovely stretch marks…. (hey, I had polyhydramnios…it happens…they aren’t that purple any more though…)

You can find more info on the Pepino melon here….

Pepino Melon at Wikipedia.org

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