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I’m still here-ish.

25 Oct

Gah.  I’m totally failing this NaBloWriMo thing this year. Lots has happened.  Some stuff is just so big that covering it needs more focus and oomph than I have right now… Some of the things now seem to inconsequential to cover, and writing about them before writing about the big things seems almost disrespectful of the big things…  Jiminy freaking crickets.  I don’t even want to be running around in my own head this week.  It looks like an episode of Hoarders in here…  Shot day today (Enbrel) and official day after shot day is tomorrow (stay in bed, watch TV, stick hands and elbows in paraffin, nice hot packs, cold packs, and making lists of shit shidoobi I need to deal with when I’m not in the middle of shot day or the day after)…

I’ll be in touch.


I will.

Thanks for hanging in there,  dear reader(s?) :-)



Dark week

14 Oct

This has been a strange week. I have not been awake very much. I sleep through day and into night. Tedious dreams blend with what little tedious reality I meet. This must be a flare of RA. The pain and stiffness have reappeared. The stiffness isn’t as sudden but in my hour or two of awake I scramble to meet demands and wants and I try to fit being a good mama, daughter, wife, niece, friend just under the security grate as it is fastened and locked for the night. I hope this is just a temporary slow down or some sort of healing crisis. There is too much to do and I still have not adjusted to my body’s newest level of stamina. I’m stubborn. I know when my hands and feet and spine start hollering that I’ve done the damage and I’ll keep pushing until my joints lock up and all I can manage is tipping myself over onto my bed. Hoping there is a shift this week and rest and activity will fall into a smarter balance and pain will be more manageable so I can work on the stiffness. I miss participating in my own life. I just want to hang out with my kid and make stuff. Hoping something falls into place so everything else follows suit.

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