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In the mind of a child…

14 Jul

I love seeing the world Lexo’s perspective- he lets me into his world and makes me smile…

This week he revealed to me that:

1. All dogs in books sleep on roofs because they saw Great Pumpkin on TV and snoopy does it so they do it.

2. Crackers crunch when you eat them because they are FIRE crackers.  (I asked for clarification and found that he indeed thinks that on the 4th of July the lights he sees are from exploding crispy bread products.)

3. Puppets are freaking terrifying. (went to a magic/puppet show at the library…why does our library have such horrible b.o. seriously stanky library.  Anyways at one point the guy had a cuckoo clock and the door opens and out pops a very animated bird puppet. Scared the daylights out of my kid. The rest of the show he couldn’t pay attention and just sat on my lap chanting “it’s just a clock. it’s just a clock.”

4. The showerhead in our bathroom looks like a flower. Hence, it is a “Shower Flower”.

5. The quickest way to wake me up in the morning (when I do sleep I sleep deep. A recent sleep study showed that I enter REM really fast and I get to deep levels that aren’t (according to the tech and the doc) experienced by most folks once they enter puberty. So why am I so freaking tired all the time)…Anyways… Oh the quickest way to wake me up in the morning is not yelling “1-2-3- WAKE UP MAMA!” it is, in fact, almost instantaneous if you touch my eyelashes very gently and then blow a very wet raspberry in my face as soon as my eyes open while bouncing up and down on my chest. Who knew!

6.  The term “cell phone” is incorrect in Alex logic-land because a regular phone is a “Tel-OH-phone” so a cellular phone is a “Cell-OH-Phone” and man does he get pissed if I try to correct him.

Rainy 4th…

4 Jul

It has been raining on and off all day. We desperately need the rain down here in SW Florida to hopefully keep anymore gigantic fires at bay. I hope people use their melons tonight and are more on the safe side of things as far as fireworks go (but I’m not holding my breath :-)

Alex is so excited about seeing fireworks that I’m amazed he’s sleeping right now but we had a busy morning/afternoon visiting with my folks (my dad is in town for the week) and going to the little eatery and shopping area near their home… There was a “Most Patriotic Dog” costume contest so the place was a mix of the usual folks we know from Mom and Dad’s development and then people who are obviously “dress up your dog like a small child and parade them around in hopes of winning a prize” veterans (complete with camping chairs and coolers and outfits to match what they’d decked out the dogs in)…

It was interesting. It was mostly a bunch of chihuahuas in denim. There were a few older dogs (including a 14 year old poodle who I was cheering for), a beautiful leggy great dane (they painted his white spots in blue and red…yeah. pretty disturbing.), but then out of nowhere comes this sweet cottonelle commercial yellow lab puppy. Cuteness in a little furry package. Wagging his tail. An American flag on a stick in his mouth. Sunlight glinting off his blond fur.

Yeah. The cute blond won. Like I didn’t see that coming from a mile away. Sheesh.

Anyways- made these last night… I made a similar pair in February and it just blows my mind how much my style and skill set has changed since then. These are completely different earrings from the original set (I’ll find a pic of the old ones when I get a moment)…. Spent some time on these yesterday and had a ball. It was a long (napless for Alex and me) day and I definitely was in the mood to play with my doming set and my mallet and a weight was lifted as soon as I fired up the torch…

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