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Kaboost! Wahhhoooo!

30 Apr

Over the past couple of months our family has been eyeball deep in home and family reorganization… Because my health and physical ability has changed so much and boyo’s needs are changing daily, I am so much more aware of the things that help me, that give me a little more flexibility or a boost with one set of needs so that I can save my energy and strength for where and when it can have a greater impact. So, the next couple of posts will be about gadgets and tools that are helping me and/or helping boyo…

This one is a new favorite….We have been through a zillion baby/child seating devices- bouncy chairs, high chairs, portable high chairs, boosters… Boyo is at this point where he really wants to be a big guy and is very sensitive about using any implements that say “baby”. Today he told me that he is with the 3 year olds in school, so he is a baby. Any which way I sliced it I knew he wasn’t going accept that his birthday is 5 days after the state cutoff…. I’m learning lately that, with his delays and his sensitivity about being grouped with much younger kids, it’s really important to not totally bug him out with new things (he doesn’t transition easily or in some cases at all) and more than ever helping him feel like a big guy makes him behave like a big guy. So I am really learning about the delicate art, the dance, of keeping the little guy supports that he still needs, behind the scenes…

Anyway, part of this is, as he is still a smaller kid in size, is outfitting every area in the house with step stools. We recently started eating dinner outside every night, as a family (more on that later this week). I bought this gadget as an alternative to a booster seat as my mom’s dining chairs are a little, um, different…They do not accommodate any baby/growing kid gear…

I found an ad for Kaboost in the back of a local parenting magazine and ordered one immediately. It’s awesome. By far one of my most favorite kid gadgets. Almost any chair can be used on it… It comes in brown so it blends with Oma’s earth-tone rich environment. I am ordering a 2nd one this week as I want one for her house and the one for ours. The only downside to it? You do have to lift up and maneuver the chair and pull the springy arms of the kaboost out and get it all together- not a big deal, I’m guessing, for most folks. But this maneuvering is a bit difficult to me with this current body, so our Kaboost stays at home, on one chair. I wouldn’t call this issue a flaw (trust me it’s me and not the Kaboost!) but that is the one thing keeping me from taking one everywhere. When out at the rare restaurant meal boyo can use a regular booster. But for everyday I find the Kaboost to be a sanity saver for us and it encourages big boy behavior at the dinner table which is something that puts this in my top 10 gadgets for growing kids…

Here’s the link to amazon- more information on kaboost and images…. KABOOST Portable Chair Booster Chocolate

The first cut….

8 Mar

The first cut….Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBekFinally decided Alex was ready to part with his crib. For the record, he may be 4.5 but he is on the smaller side (most folks think he is 3- a very smart and advanced 3….) so he was in his crib (Christopher Ross’ Tall Grass Crib… a really exciting find during a rare preggo adventure long ago…quite a deal on my dream crib for my babe), converted to be a toddler bed, until a couple of months ago…For the past few months I have been dreaming up ways to make his crib useable because I love it, but I just don’t have the energy… So I took the mattress and mattress supports out and as I was kneeling on the ground taking one of the sides off I realized that from the perspective of a 34″ tall person the 3 remaining sides make a really cool room divider… So I took his reconfigured changing table (it turns into a desk… It’s the Stokke one), put it inside the 3 walls, set it up and waited for him to come home.This is a kid that doesn’t do well with transitions or change so I wasn’t expecting my glee to be echoed by him…But I figured I could move it the way he wanted to if he tweaked as the three crib sides are on casters… Also it’s a nice solution so I can transition a little easier :-)I was wrong.He is thrilled.He wants to hang out in his office and wants us to leave him alone while he does his work….I also put a pair of kid scissors in his drawing implement carousel….So he sat right down- did his little stylistic tag of his name in red-orange crayon and proceeded to spend over an hour cutting these fringes in the paper….In this photo he is holding his creation up so I could take a picture of him with it. Then he proclaimed that it is heading up north to Grammy.Oh and yes, that is a bandaid on his arm. He got a bug bite at school the other day and requested a bandaid when he came home. He is not a fan of bandaids, so this is another one of those “strange but making me happy” developments….I’m thrilled….

Leaps and bounds….

5 Mar

Just a quickie… Doing research on Alex’s thing… Going to docs appointments… Alex came home today with bruises on his knees and shins.Bruises!I couldn’t be happier!As we pulled into a space at school, this morning,  so I could walk him to his classroom  he pointed (accurately! this is new!) at the big slide. His nemesis.  And announced that the big slide is the one he went down at school the previous day (I assumed he went down the small one- which is still a pretty big accomplishment)  He ran around and fell and got banged up today.  Like the other kids. All of a sudden, and it is sudden-since the weekend- he is doing so many amazing things he didn’t do before…  He is working on self-regulation of the things he does in endless repetition- no prompting or assistance from us- he picks a number on the microwave clock for when he will stop doing whatever he is doing (running around the kitchen island with a pinwheel a million times…I’ve seen him do it until he was so exhausted I had to pick him up off of the kitchen floor and put him in bed…) and then he…. drumroll please…. stops. He STOPS!  He even got a bug bite at school today (although, depending on how you ask him, he was bit by a small mosquito, a tarantula, or a scorpion…. Any which way it’s a teensy little bite- and he wanted a bandaid for it- which he usually freaks out about… He asked for one. )….All of this is so huge and wonderful….I made him a label with the labelmaker that says “Mama loves Alex” and stuck it on the inside of the little fence thing that keeps him from rolling out of bed every night… He sounded it out this afternoon and turned to me and said “You love me”.  and once again I had to explain how silly mama cries when she is happy.(he has never been able to do the whole you/me thing….)Huge. Gigantic leaps.  

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