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The secret math of growing up….

13 Mar

Boy is wailing away on his kazoozaphone (little tikes had their way with a kazoo on this one… thankfully he doesn’t like the music it plays on it’s own…just the kazoo…)… A little while ago he wanted to watch his “year one” video… I think he has trouble connecting the baby in the movie to him as a big guy (relatively speaking)…. We talked about it for a bit and here’s the official word on age:  When you are O you are a baby….When you are 1 you are a baby…When you are 2 you are a big guy….When you are 3 you are a big guy…When you are 4 you are bigger…When you are 5 you are bigger….When you are 6 you are bigger….When you are 7 you are bigger…When you are 8 you are bigger….When you are 100 you are biggest  (fingers splayed and hands stretched up to the ceiling) and then you get very small again. No wonder he was cheering me on at my last doc’s appointment when the doc mentioned weight gain… Alex thinks I’m growing just like him…  Ahhh if only…  (by the way, the formatting screwiness is courtesy of safari it seems…. I’m switching over to firefox tonight….) 

In the mind of a child…

14 Jul

I love seeing the world Lexo’s perspective- he lets me into his world and makes me smile…

This week he revealed to me that:

1. All dogs in books sleep on roofs because they saw Great Pumpkin on TV and snoopy does it so they do it.

2. Crackers crunch when you eat them because they are FIRE crackers.  (I asked for clarification and found that he indeed thinks that on the 4th of July the lights he sees are from exploding crispy bread products.)

3. Puppets are freaking terrifying. (went to a magic/puppet show at the library…why does our library have such horrible b.o. seriously stanky library.  Anyways at one point the guy had a cuckoo clock and the door opens and out pops a very animated bird puppet. Scared the daylights out of my kid. The rest of the show he couldn’t pay attention and just sat on my lap chanting “it’s just a clock. it’s just a clock.”

4. The showerhead in our bathroom looks like a flower. Hence, it is a “Shower Flower”.

5. The quickest way to wake me up in the morning (when I do sleep I sleep deep. A recent sleep study showed that I enter REM really fast and I get to deep levels that aren’t (according to the tech and the doc) experienced by most folks once they enter puberty. So why am I so freaking tired all the time)…Anyways… Oh the quickest way to wake me up in the morning is not yelling “1-2-3- WAKE UP MAMA!” it is, in fact, almost instantaneous if you touch my eyelashes very gently and then blow a very wet raspberry in my face as soon as my eyes open while bouncing up and down on my chest. Who knew!

6.  The term “cell phone” is incorrect in Alex logic-land because a regular phone is a “Tel-OH-phone” so a cellular phone is a “Cell-OH-Phone” and man does he get pissed if I try to correct him.

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