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Lucky Day.

15 Feb

lucky starfish?

This past Friday was Friday the 13th.

Jeff explained it to Alex, that it’s considered a “bad luck” day by those who subscribe to superstition…  It’s really hard to explain superstition to a kid who is so rules based as he takes everything as irrefutable fact.

Since Friday was a named day and so was Saturday (Valentine’s Day), Alex felt that Sunday should not be left out.

So today is “Good Luck Day”.

According to Alex, Good Luck Day is a very lucky day, and it is celebrated on February 15th, but only when February 15th falls on a Sunday.  It’s so lucky, it only happens every seven years. Unlike Brahkenhash, the other holiday he has declared, which I will cover on this blog when it gets closer to Brahkenhash season, but early enough that everyone will have time to prepare (and I can find my notes, as it was quite the interesting conversation with kiddo, I had to take notes…I also have to check my spelling, as I have been known to screw up the spelling of Brahkenhash regularly…)

So today we celebrate good fortune.  I think it’s something we should celebrate everyday…Like Thanksgiving, only without the excessive turkey, stuffing, and assortment of tasty pies.

Happy Good Luck Day! May fortune find you wherever you may be.


Bek (and Alex)

Hugs and Kisses

1 Feb


Originally uploaded by CleverIndie

Update: Kiddo seems to be doing a little better…. He seems out of his shell, but operating at a more immature level than we are used to (selective hearing… pretending it’s opposite day ’round the clock…Not answering questions…somewhat hyperactive compared to baseline)… I guess time will tell… Starting a new schedule for him tomorrow that will hopefully help him. Feeling the pressure to bring in info for school but at the same time don’t want to overwhelm his teachers… That and all of a sudden he’s rejecting the idea of bringing his weighted vest(he calls it his huggyvest) to school, so I need to dig deeper on that one and I need to write out a comprehensive (but not overwhelming) sheet on it so it isn’t used inappropriately… Ideally I would like the teachers to suggest that he use it and leave it up to him… It’s not weird looking with his clothes- it actually matches his uniform and doesn’t look weirdly therapeutic… When he got it last summer he didn’t want to wear it to school because he didn’t want the other kids to feel bad that they don’t have one… Hopefully this is still the case… I’ll update the blog this week with a breakdown of his “toolkit”…

Anyway, Happy Superbowl Sunday!

I’m making my famous chili…Some ingredients are so secret that I forget them, so it’s a long process…. I don’t use a recipe. I wing it, build the flavors, tweak the ingredients… It’s an epic meditative cooking experience.. But I recruited kiddo and hubby to remember to stir it every few minutes so I can still rest… Feeling pretty crummy as I’m sweeter than I should be… Nothing is working the same way twice with my diabetes these days, so I’m learning on my feet…Dreading my visit to the endocrinologist this week as I am still mad about the dexcom (he prescribed it even though it’s contraindicated in regards to my other prescriptions, and I want those other prescriptions back!) and last time he told me “Diabetes isn’t hard to control”….Ahhh spoken like a non-d person…. We shall see..

Back to the pretty picture….

The image shows shrinky dink hearts that has/is an occupationally therapeutic project. We are making Valentine cards for school (he loves hearts…hearts and starts are his favorites, but he sees a heart and says “a heart means love” and smile this sweet little smile…)…

So, he used his muscles and hand eye coordination to punch the shrinky dink hearts out using the giant hole puncher. When his arms and hands got tired he worked on his balance and stepped on the hole punch… Thankfully, those silicone baking mats are awesome for projects such as these- a little cushioning and a little non-slip grip…

Then he wrote xo on them which involved planning ahead for spacing…

Then we baked ’em up and he sat in front of the oven giggling like a madman as the hearts curled up and popped like jumping beans before shrinking completely and flattening out….

Next step? I think we have had a request for glitter… I’ll post an update when they are fully sparkly…

Until then….



Share the Love!

21 Jan

Share the love this Valentine’s Day! Click the graphic for more info from Etsy.com!
What a lovely idea!

Hearts and hugs all around….


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