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Witness Cafe Sarasota, Florida

27 Jun
Here is their most recent information:
Witness Cafe
Lounge- Dance Bar-Patio
5100 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34234
(941) 351-4949 phone
(941) 355-9819 Fax
We have been receiving a few calls a week for the past 3 years from folks looking for Witness Cafe… THIS is their phone number… If you try to reach them at any other phone number found on the web you will probably get a very cranky redhaired lady on the phone who really values her sleep and above that values her kid’s sleep….
Thanks folks…
I’m going to go find that sleep that I value so much….

Bubble Club & Prince Aha

23 Apr

Bubble Club & Prince Aha

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

OK. So this photo doesn’t really *have* to be in black and white… The stools are in “Pigeon” (dark gray) and the Bubble Club chair is in Light Gray… I decided to make our Lanai more like an outdoor living room because with just a little dining table and chairs nobody was using it and I’ve finally admitted to myself (and my family) that the kitchen table will always be my work table (it’s indestructible and a little industrial but still curvy and a little antique-y looking. Um. Kind of like me these days?)…

Anyway, I still have a love of color, but my lust for color and patterns changes frequently, so the furniture on the lanai is like a blank canvas. Splashes of color will be added shortly for optimal punch and versatility.

Please excuse me, I do have to go back to sitting on my lanai (what we call a screened-in-porch here in Florida) and sipping my tea while enjoying a rambunctious game of hi-ho-cherrio with boyo and baldguy….

I’ll keep updating…

Oh and for out-of-this-world service please visit Circa50 (they carry the Bubble Club series and the Prince Aha stools…there service and expertise is unparalleled)

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