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The Cocktail and The Art.

13 Mar

Cocktail and Art.

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Ok…Not really a cocktail, and not the best way to start (or end) your day…. Or to be stuck in traffic. Which I wasn’t, but a couple of hours later and I was struck by the fear of traffic and red lights and my key jamming in the lock again…

But I was totally rockin’ the barium smoothie on the way to radiology this morning (chest, abdomen, pelvis CT)… I felt like such the commuter joining the rest of the world at outside of the house work…

But the novelty ended there as I was whooshed in and out of the CT machine and started to remember how *yawn* sleepy the contrast makes me (these days they inject it through an IV and a machine that totally looks like the lethal injection thing in the movies)….

So I’m trying to flush my system with lots of fluids and get some sleep… But lots of fluids also means lots of trips out of bed….

Hugs all around….

(ps the awesome orange tray is from bluebellbazaar on Etsy.com… it’s from a hardware store and the label says “stud nuts” I thought it both practical and funny….. These are all pieces in varying stages of completion… Typically I store my works in progress in their own little cubbies of unromantic plastic ice cube trays- as they are easily stackable and washable. and I can fit more pieces in the same area as this rather heavy and cool tray takes up…. Tray will be used for something else…Have not decided yet….Stud nuts perhaps….)

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