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Gehry’s Blocks

14 Mar

Gehry’s Blocks

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Whenever I see simple but precise shapes and layers of cardboard I can’t help but think of Frank Gehry and his smaller-in-stature creations.

I’ll let boyo build with these…I’ll be interested to see how he fits the pieces together…. Might be fun…

Kiddo doesn’t play with character toys/dolls (well, except for “yes, a cat named Marty Cohen” and deelind’s bunny (Alex named him “Mr. Nada” because he is “Not a bunny”…well, according to him)….Still I wonder how Barbie would sit in these contemporary doll chairs….Hmmmm.

Then again, if anyone needs corner protectors for shipping, drop me a line…

I didn’t ask for…

21 Feb

What lurks beneath….Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek Cardboard with that….Ewwwww….A usually yummy dinner treat of Pizza Hut delivery (we live in SW Florida…It’s chain pizza or pizza that shouldn’t be allowed to bear the sacred name of this most excellent food… Ahhhhh I miss New York… Even Boston pizza is better than our local pizza, but on nights where I don’t feel like experimenting we have Pizza Hut)….I take a few bites of my 2nd slice of piping hot pizza with red onions and mushrooms and the bite is weird… As in: my teeth should go cleanly through this but they have stopped as though a leather strap has been slipped between them….Horrified I pull the thing out of my mouth.At least it doesn’t look like animal.Phew it’s only cardboard.Only cardboard?Blech.Yuck.Nasty.Freakin’ Pizza Hut.Of course I had to peel the cardboard open.Yup.Exactly as I thought.Corrugated…I may need therapy for this…Ok, so I will not be eating pizza again anytime soon… Probably not the worst thing to happen to this waistline…But seriously folks. Nasty.What if it was floor cardboard? The outer packaging of some box of mushrooms or pre-shredded chedderella blend that was left on the floor?*gag*Anthony Bourdain, dear sir, care to weigh in on eating cardboard? ps. this is officially one of the few things I have accomplished today (updating the blog…)… Miserable time with jaw pain (most likely unrelated to pizza hut incident) that feels like my upper teeth are going to explode out of my head.  It’s calm for now (cold beverages held on that side seem to quiet the waves of pain but can’t keep cold on continuously or the pain won’t be tricked!)… Had xrays, etc today… On new course of antibiotics (that should take care of those blasted pizza hut floor cardboard fomites!) and barely functioning, except for right now.  Someone please turn the key in my back a few times to get me moving at a proper pace!    

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