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Pop-up Love!

18 Feb

Valentine’s gift

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Alex and Jeff made me a pop-up book for Valentine’s Day!

I can only imagine the amount of effort both of them had to conjure up to complete this treasure…. They both worked so hard…

Mama & Me

This is Mama & Me. We do fun stuff together. (the pulltab makes us stir the pot on the stove together)....

My Mama is brave.

My Mama is brave.

My Mama is smart. (pulltab makes a lightbulb appear over my head)

My Mama is smart. (pulltab makes a lightbulb appear over my head)

She gives hugs and kisses.

She gives hugs and kisses.

Mama is the best mama in the world!

Mama is the best mama in the world!

copyright Alex 2009

copyright Alex 2009

Am I the luckiest mama in the world? I think I must be!

Share the Love!

21 Jan

Share the love this Valentine’s Day! Click the graphic for more info from Etsy.com!
What a lovely idea!

Hearts and hugs all around….


Funny Oops.

23 Jul

I was going through the Citibank “Thank You Network” looking at the vairous awards (yay for insomnia) and found this…

Movie Musical DVD 3-Pack:

Get a monster slamming jam, penetrate the lane and shoot from the perimeter using the WiiTM console. Intricate moves are easily learned with a few wand movements on both offense and defense. Multi-player mode can pit beginners against advanced and still level the competition.
Item # : 1112891

Sounds rather brutal for what I’d be expecting in a 3 pack of classic musicals….

Last year’s card…

10 Dec

Last year’s card…

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Ok- So I made this card for the baldguy last year…. He had a bunch of movies on his wishlist so I ordered a few and I’m the queen of themes and kits as gifts- so the ones I ordered all had Kevin Spacey in them…

So in the throes of insomnia I found a picture of Kevin Spacey and a very old free clipart picture of santa and a reindeer and did a little cropping and pasting…

Inside, on the left side of the card it said:

what’s in the box?

On the right side it said:
The greatest trick Santa Claus
ever pulled was convincing the
world he did not exist.

Have a Spacey Christmas!

It still makes me smile and I hope it made you smile as well….

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