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Wrapped Canvas Groupon! Woohoo!

16 Oct

I know, I know… This is a short one. Really.  I know I say that in almost every post and email and then I get typing and the time just *poof*.  Huh?  What time is it?  How long was I… Oh! Hello!

Anyway.  I bought my first “groupon” a couple of months ago and redeemed it on Friday and kicked myself for not having bought more than just the two that I did.  It was for a 16 x 20″ wrapped thick canvas print from CanvasOnDemand.com for $45 and that includes shipping!  (the retail value was somewhere around $120)

I was thrilled to see that they are offering it again on Groupon! They are perfect for gifts for the upcoming holidays or if you want to customize your walls with your own fantastic art.

Here’s one of the photos that I am having done… It’s a nice shot of color that just makes me want to do stuff (so I also have it as my background on my desktop)…

Anyway, head on over… The Groupon opportunity ends on Sunday night.  Definitely one that should not be missed.

Here’s the link again:  Groupon.com


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Utility Baskets…

3 Jul

Bushel of Boxes….

Originally uploaded by CleverGirlBek

Wonderful utility baskets by Reisenthel in two sizes…

Scored a slew of these from GarnetHill.com

They are on sale (and not just a couple of dollars off, I’m talking *really* on sale) now for $14…They are a polyblend canvas (I’m guessing they wipe down fairly easily) with a brushed aluminum rim…They collapse when not needed for flat storage…Great for holding a large amount of anything temporarily or throwing toys in to get them out of the way for cleaning… I wouldn’t recommend them as straight out hampers (the tall ones have a mesh top that closes with a drawstring) as the cloth part cannot be machine washed…

baskets at garnethill.com

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