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Magic Rain.

26 Jun

I’m busy this week trying to clean up the house. There are just so many things that are out of place these days that it’s driving me bananas. Part of it is me and my lack of attention span (ie. I take a small metalworking tool and then I wander off to get some component I need to use it and I remember something that had escaped my mind weeks ago and I’ll go tend to that) part of it is having an almost 4 year old that looks at everything as though it belongs in some strange but wonderful interactive museum. Typically I’m putting something away on one end of the large open area that comprises our kitchen, living room, and kitchen table (once an eating area, now my studio..) while he’s on the other end emptying an entire closed with ninja-like stealth.Anyways- I found this giftbag that has been sitting on one of the spare chairs stacked by the kitchen table. It wasn’t really lost so much as I though I’d emptied it and then it just started to blend. It had a giant unopened bag of chocolate coins in it (don’t fret, they are only around 2 months old)… And I wasn’t quite in the mood to just hand Alex a piece of chocolate and I also wasn’t in the mood to play “treasure hunt” with them. So I chuck two of them as hard as I could so they flew across the room and landed around 10 feet away from him. He turns, sees them, his eyes get gigantic and he looks at me all breathless and bewildered, “Chocolate coins fall from the sky. Chocolate coin rain.” He picks them up and says “One for Alex, one for mama”…It was just such a magical sweet moment…Of course tonight at the dinner table he tells Jeff all about it and it’s the greatest big fish story I swear I’ve ever heard.After dinner Jeff and Alex are in the den. Jeff is at the computer and Alex is somewhere in the room where I can’t spot him. So I figure I’ll sprinkle the magic once more.I chuck two chocolate coins in the vicinity of the glass doors that guard the den. They *whoosh* disappear into the room. I’m not the most athletic person in the world and I am known for my terrible aim. Basically if I aim for something I won’t hit it. If I close my eyes and randomly throw then EUREKA! I’ll make the basket, hit my target, etc… I can still hear my basketball coach yelling “open your damn eyes girl”…I thought I hit Jeff as the sound was that of a piece of something thin and hard slapping onto a fleshy part of the body (projection estimate looked like his right shoulder…) but he says that nothing hit him. So I go into the den and there is Alex holding a chocolate coin, eyes all big and dreamy, just vibrating with excitement.”Mama. Chocolate coins fall from the sky. Go boom on head!”Poor kid. Lambasted by magical chocolate coins falling from the sky… Of course then he needed kisses and didn’t even offer to share that chocolate coin – I guess he thinks that if he had to pay for it (by getting whacked on the head with it) then it’s rightfully his, and his alone.I’m telling you. All of us need to wear helmets.

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