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Blueberry muffins. Frick.

5 Oct

I have noticed that Alex’s focus and ability to listen and hear us has been not quite as powerful as it was the first week we had him off the G6PD trigger foods… That week showed a dramatic difference, as did some of the 2nd week…

This evening I found out that he has been eating the snacks at school that they give all of the kids (even though we have been reminding him on a daily basis to eat the snack we put in his bag).  Today it was blueberry muffins (most commercial muffins contain soy or soy derivatives and blueberries are an off limits food).


Long discussion took place… Baldguy will talk to the teachers in the morning (again).


Long day.  I have been sleeping all of this week.  So exhausted.  I’m happy that blogging allows me to start a post and finish it as I can.  A word here, a word there… No time or energy constraints (even on the days where a slow one word at a time is pushing it, far from my usual 120wpm)…. No pressure.

More tomorrow… Methotrexate day…. Though the day of is usually fine. Thursday through Tuesday are worrying me, as I attempt to stick to my NaBloWriMo pledge and keep kid in bread (thank goodness for the bread machine or all of the time I’m knocked out by this med would have him living on shredded cheese and cheerios).  It’s hard to carve out a life when you’ve only got max 16 hours a week of functioning, but that isn’t a choice, it is what it is.


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NaBloWriMo! What?

1 Oct

NaBloWriMo is a month-long challenge, taking place right now through the end of October (click the pumpkin if you would like more info!)… The goal is to write one blog entry every single day.

As you may have noticed, my blog entries have been few and far between over the last few months but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging in my head and plenty has happened (Seriously. So much has happened over the past couple of weeks and over the summer- challenges and triumphs and a little heartbreak).

Now it is time to get those bits out of my head and onto AccidentalThong, this blog.

NaBloWriMo is the perfect opportunity to flex my self-discipline as far as personal and creative expression…. An extra special thanks to Heather over at I’m Not Hannah for lighting the fire under me and for her inspirational nature which never ceases to amaze.

Here I go!

I’ll see you tomorrow!



You may have noticed…

12 Apr

I changed the name of the blog.

See it?  In the upper left?

It was Be Clever. But that was entirely too much pressure for this under the weather, under pressure (cue Queen and Bowie) gal on the move.  Ok. Maybe not on the move so much as flat on her back in bed 99.9% of the time as I was under so much pressure it seems that I have sprung a leak of sorts (we are still waiting for test results from the spinal tap and MRI last week… more on those another day. Promise.) – my Monopoly money is on a fancy cerebrospinal fluid leak (CSF leak).

So I really can’t sit up for more than a few minutes at a time before a tricked out econo car with speakers that exceed the maximum weight capacity pulls up with full bass just inside the right side of my forehead.  And then starts blasting at the inside of my head with various automatic weapons. It sucks. It hurts. Nothing cuts the pain. Except hanging out totally flat (no pillows) in bed. Blah. It’s annoying.

Anyway,  I came up with the idea of the “accidental thong” when trying to explain to Alex what a wedgie is. Somewhere along the line I declared that “ladies don’t get wedgies, we get accidental thongs”.

And that’s pretty much the story of my life.  The misadventures of me. The actual me.  The one who gets accidental thongs and stubs her toes and bumps her head on everything. That’s me. Sure, I’m clever. But now that the pressure is off and I knocked off my internal editor, I’d like to have a little fun.

Because this ceiling is ugly, the ceiling fan needs a good dusting, and I can’t find the remote.


p.s. If you use a Kindle (either the neato gadget or any of the desktop/iphone/ipad applications) you can subscribe to Accidental Thong via Amazon!
Accidental Thong

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One Day, No Hate.

5 Oct

“I saw a tweet from the brilliant and talented Jane Devin.  She is someone who makes me think and inspires me on a regular basis. She said, ” I wish we could have a one-day moratorium on angry speech. It’s so divisive, and it works against understanding.”  Within a few tweets, and some wonderful support, she launched a full blown effort.

And there it was. One Day, No Hate will be observed on Oct. 6th. On this day, we pledge to let go of all the angry speech and actually try to understand each other. On this day, we listen. On this day, we break down the barriers that separate us and respect our differences.

It is just one day. We all know that so much more is needed. But it is a wonderful start.  It is a needed start.”

Down To Earth Mama

Read Jane Devin’s writing on One Day, No Hate and then join us!  I hope this can be a productive and peaceful day!

I am thrilled about this, as I am becoming increasingly disturbed by the mudslinging and spreading of lies and hate, we are quickly going nowhere fast, in making this world a better place for everyone.  Hopefully, October 6th will open ears and minds.

Please share!



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Cure for Diabetes….

11 Sep

Positive thinking and The Secret are not cures for diabetes.

I was just reading the amazing blog Six Until Me (Kerri did a great piece on coworkers and “Diabetes for a day”) and a reader left a comment suggesting that The Secret and focusing on good health rather than bad health may help and even totally cure the blogger’s diabetes. The person who left the comment probably meant well but perpetuating this sort of idea can be dangerous.

First of all, all the positive thought in the universe isn’t going to cure this disease.  All the positive thought put toward understanding the reality- both the physiological and psychological aspects- of the disease may help come up with a plan of action and research that may someday lead to a cure or at least new treatments.

Just adopting a mind over matter, brimming with sunshine, attitude isn’t going to cure this disease.

A positive attitude can make or break a treatment, in some cases, as most of our treatments require a huge amount of effort, and a half-assed attempt rarely gets anyone anywhere.  My rule with this disease (I’ve had it for 15 years) is to be mindful… I hope for the best and work my arse off, with a negative attitude I wouldn’t do either.

There is no cure for diabetes.  There is only treatment.  And it isn’t easy but it is the positive side of reality.  We choose to treat our diabetes as best as we are able.  If we were not thinking positive we would be dead.  So maybe discussing diabetes and the treatment, and our personal experiences, is actually spreading more sunshine then someone who has not been touched by this disease can ever understand.

Every year on Pump Day (my “pumpiversary”, October 31st…This will be my 8th one!) I think about how complete strangers were driven to share information on their experiences…Tips, pointers, and on occasion a shoulder…The type of information that you can only get from experience, or from other people who are driven to educate for the greater good.

To an “outsider” it may look negative or like we are dwelling on this big, horrid beastie called Diabetes, but really, all the smiles and happy thoughts are not jump starting anyone’s pancreas.

What it is doing is making this disease more bearable.  It’s sharing the tools that can help lots of folks live longer and better and healthier and yes, happier.  It’s also serves to educate those who don’t know what it is like to battle this beast at every turn.  Perhaps the folks who haven’t been touched by diabetes and haven’t experienced what it takes to LIVE with the disease will learn to value their health and freedom and work toward bettering their own health so they too can LIVE.

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