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26 Jul


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Ahhh sunny Florida and vintage souvenirs….

Sometimes, though, there is a little too much detail on pieces… This particular intaglio pictures some palms, the beach, a flamingo, and what I’m guessing is a lady sunning her legs while the rest of her is under the cover of an umbrella…

But, due to the monochromatic and general tiny-ness of the piece is looks like a giant clam eating a person.

Now that would have been a classic drive-in bit…

With Love,
From Sunny Florida


2 May


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In a recent raffle, baldguy won tickets to Pieces of Eight– a fun Pirate ship excursion into the Gulf of Mexico… They are currently repositioning to service the keys…I do recommend it- it’s a freaking awesome pirate ship with modern amenities and a rockin’ band of pirates. Fun was had by all!

It was so nice to be disconnected from the world for a bit, out on the boat… Here’s a picture of boy on the boat. He doesn’t understand that a costume or a painted on mustache are just pretend- he thinks they actually transform him into another person.
I was amazed that he let them draw a mustache on him.

After around 5 minutes he furiously tried to wipe it off and had a running in place moment of freaking out when he declared

“Just me. I want to be just me. No pirate me. Just ME.”

It was huge though- he went on a boat, he tried something new at lunch, he had his face painted, he took pictures, he wore a hat and a pirate hat, and there was a brief moment where he donned an eyepatch.


Taking stock…

17 Apr


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Photo from baldguy from his trip.

I don’t have any pictures on this end.  He has my snapshot digital camera this week and I’m too achy to take the big camera out of it’s container… More later.

Off to nap….

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